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IEEE C37.105-1987 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1EProtective Relays and Auxiliaries for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE C37.105 describes the basic principles requirements and methods for qualifying Class1Eprotedctive relaysandaxiliaries such as test and control switches terminal blocks and indicating lamps for applications in nudlear powergenerating stations When properly employed it can be used to demonstrate the design adequacy of such equipmantunder normal, abnormal, design basisevent and post design basisevent canditionsin accordance with ANSIIEEE Sid 323-1983 When protective relays and auxiliaries are located in areas not subject to harsh environments,ervironmental qualification is not required.
Protective relays and axiliaries located inside primary containment in a nuclear power generating station presentspecial conditions beyond the scope of this document.
The qualification procedure presented is generic in nature. Other mathods may be used at the dscretion of thequalifier, provided the basic precepts of ANSI/IEEE Std 323-1983[5]are satisfied.
The following publications shall be used in conjunction with this standard:
ANSIMEEE C37.90-1978(R1983),IEEE Standard Relays and Relay Sysems Associated with Electric Power Apparatus
ANSI/IEEE C37.98-1978,IEEE Standard Seismic Testing of Relays
The purpose of this standard is to
Define specific qualification methods for Class 1E protective relays and auxiliaries in accordance with themore general qualification requirements of ANSI/IEEE Std 323-1983[5].
Provide guidance in establishing a program for demonstrating the design adequacy of Class 1E protective
relays and auxiliaries in nuclear power generating stations applications.
Related standards such as ANSI/IEEE C37.98-1978 [2], shall be used to supplement thisdocument.
ambient temperature:The average of air temperature readings at several locationsin the immediate neighborhood ofthe equipment.
auxiliaries: Auxiliary relays control switches terminal blocks indicating lights test blocks, and other devicesassociated with the protective relay scheme.
base line data: Initial data needed to show acceptable funcioning of the equipment during qualification testing.class 1E: The safety classification of the electric equipment and systems that are essential to emergency reactorshutdown, containment isolation, reactor core cooling, and containment and reactor heat removal, or othewise areessential in preventing significant release of radioactive material to the enwironmernt(ANSI/IEEE Sid 100-1984 [4).common mode failure: A multiple failure attributable to a common cause.component: Item from which asystemisassmbled(for example, asusedin thisdocument, acomponent isa resistor,capacitor, wire, connector, spring, terminal block, bus support, etc).
design basis events (DBEs): Postulated Events specified by the safcty analysis of the station, used in the design toestablish the acceptable performance requirements of the strudures and systems(ANSI/EEE Std 323-1983 [5).design life:The time during which satisfactory performance can be expected for a specific set of service conditions(ANSI/IEEE Std 323-1983[5]).
duty cycle: The percentage of time that heat producing electrical aurrentsflowsinequipment over a specific period oftime.IEEE C37.105 pdf download.

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