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IEEE 635-1989 pdf free.EEE Guide for Selection and Desian of Aluminum Sheaths for Power Cables.
IEEE 635 may be in accordance with one or more of the references listed below. The installation must he in accordance with the applicable electrical code or wiring regulations.
Ill ANSINFPA 70-1990. National Flectrical Code
CSA Std C22.l-1990. Canadian Elecirical Code. pt I. Safety Standards for Electrical Installations.
CSA Std C22.2. no. l23-M 1985. Aluminum Sheathed Cables.3
CSA Std (‘681.1965. Paper-Insulated Power Cable Sohd’ Type.
Alwninuni SundanL and Doug, Jan. 1976 (5th ed). The Aluminum Association. Inc.
ICEA P-45-482-1979(2nd ed.). Short-Circuit Performance of Metallic Shielding and Sheaths of Insulated Cable.4
N[MA WC4-1988 tl(’EA S-65-375. 2nd ed.), Varnished-cloth-insulated Wire and (‘able for the Transmission and
Distribution of Electrical Energy. (See references 1211 through 1241 in this section. )
AEIC 1-68-1968. impregnated-paper-insulated lead-covered cable (10th edi. Supplement 2.6
EEl 55-16. UndrrRrnund Svwm.s R.frrrnce Bank. New York: The Edison Electric Institute Transmission and Distrihution Committee. l957.
SCHIFREEN. C. S. Cyclic Movement of Cable—its Causes and Effects on Cable Sheath Life. AIEE T,wt.wcuons, vol. 63. 1944, pp. 1121—1129.
SCHIFREEN. C. S. Thermal Espansion Effects in Power Cables. AILl Trun.cariion.s. vol. 70. pt. I. 1951. pp. 160—
170. HALFMANN. E. S. Crftical Inside Dimensions for Power Cable Manholes. AIEF. Tran.acrimu, vol. 69. pi. II. 1950. pp. 1576—1581.
IEC (international Electromechanical Conilnissioto 141-I (1976). t. I. Oil-Filled. Paper-insulated. Metal- Sheathed Cables and Accessories for Alternating Voltages up to and including 400 kV.
YANAGIUCHI. H. Analysis of Strain in Corrugated Aluminum Sheath of Cables. Journal of rh ln%rilule of Mnirical Eiigim’tring of Japan. vol. 85-12. no. 927, Dec. 1965. pp. 103—107.
BIANCHI. G.. DIJRSO. M. A.. and OCCHINI. E. Design and Test of a Flexible EHV Cable Connection for a Floating Plant. iEEE Trwz.aciions on PtnerrA,;purnru and Svwnv, PAS-%. no. 2. Mar/Apr. 1977.
LANFRANCONI. G. M.. (‘ilJALTIERE. 0., and CAVALLI. M, 330kV Oil-Filled Cables Laid in I6()) ft. Vertical Shaft at Kalue Gorge H>draulic Plant. IEEE Pupi’r T73- 126-0.
Weld-joints for 115kV Cable Sheath. Ekcirkal 141;rW. Dcc. 15. 1972.
AEIC CS4-1979. Imp gnaied-Paper-Insulaied L*w-Prcssurc Oil-Filled Cable,
BS 6480-1988. British Standard Impregnated Paper-Insulated Cables for Electricity Supply: pt I. Lead or Lead Alloy Sheathed Cables for Working Wltages up to and including 33 kV.IEEE 635 pdf download.

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