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AS/NZS 3100:2017 pdf free.Approval and test specification – General requirements for electrical equipment.
3.7 IdentifIcation of wiring
For equipment other than that having a Type Z attachment insulated or covered conductors used as earthing conductors shall be coloured
(a) green or
(b) green and yellow in the proportions specified in AS/NZS 3191.
The colour green in combination with colours other than yellow shall be acceptable for live conductors, provided that the other colour covers not less than 30% of the surface of the conductor in any 15 mm length.
The single colour green shall not be used to identify any live conductor except where
(i) the conductor forms portion of the complex wiring of equipment; or
(ii) it is specified by an individual Approval and test specification.
3.8 Regulating devices and switches
3.8.1 Fixing and mounting
All regulating devices and switches shall be securely fixed in position.
Rotary regulating devices and rotary switches shall be so fixed or located that they cannot turn bodily during operation.
No regulating device or switch shall be mounted in a position or be marked in such a manner
as to incorrectly indicate the intended contact position.
NOTE See Clause 5.22 concerning clearances between terminals and exposed conductive parts.
3.8.2 Visual indications of positions
Notwithstanding the requirements of an individual Approval and test specification, the different positions of regulating devices and the different positions of switches may be indicated by figures, letters or other visual means which clearly indicate the intent. If figures are used for indicating the different positions, the ‘off’ position shall be indicated by the figure ‘0’ or ‘OFF’ and the position of any energized state shall be indicated by a higher figure. The figure ‘0’ shall not be used for any other indication.
NOTE It is intended that individual Approval and test specifications be amended to line up with the requirements of the above paragraph as the opportunity arises.
Any marking provided to indicate the position of a regulating device or switch shall be visible when the device or switch is in the corresponding position.
3.8.3 Voltage and current limitation
No regulating device or switch shall control a normal operating voltage or current when the voltage with which the device or switch is supplied is more than 15% in excess of the voltage at which the device or switch is rated.
3.8.4 Switches for transportable machinery
Transportable machinery, with moving parts that may cause injury to persons, shall be fitted with a switch that operates in all live conductors so that It isolates the entire equipment from the supply.
3.8.5 Switches
Any switch incorporated in equipment shall be a Category 1. 2 or 3 switch, as appropriate or comply with AS/NZS 61058 series, in accordance with the conditions occurring in the equipment. A Category 1 switch shall comply with the relevant requirements of ASINZS 3133, and its ‘oft’ position shall be marked in accordance with Clause 3.8.2 herein.
A Category 2 switch shall comply with the relevant requirements of AS/NZS 3133, and its ‘off’ position need not be marked.
A Category 3 switch shall satisfy the test requirements of Clauses 13.1.10. 13.3 and 13.4 of ASNZS 3133, and its ‘off’ position need not be marked. In addition it shall be subjected to 50 operations of making and breaking the normal load current of the circuit it controls, in accordance with Clause 13.5.4 and Table 3 of AS/NZS 3133, except that where appropriate for circuits including motors, the test current and power factor shall be the equivalent current and power factor of the circuit which the switch controls, with the rotors locked.
In addition, where Category 1 and 2 switches control circuits containing motors, these switches shall be subjected to a further 50 operations. The test current and power factor shall be equivalent to the current and power factor of the circuit with rotors locked and the rate of operation shall be in accordance with Clause 13.5.4 of AS/NZS 3133.
A Category 1 switch shall be used when
(a) the equipment is intended for connection to the supply by a plug and flexible cord;
(b) notwithstanding Clause 5.1, it is not usual or possible to guard live parts completely against personal contact, because of the intended use and generally accepted practice with any particular equipment; and
(c) the equipment is of a type that is usually left connected to the outlet socket indefinitely, and which has not been provided with a means to indicate whether it is energized or not.AS/NZS 3100 pdf download.

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