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AS/NZS 3117:2015 pdf free download.Approval and test specification Bayonet lampholders.
The lampholder shall he constructed so that metal parts, other than terminals and contacts, will not become live before, during, or after insertion of the lamp. The lampholder shall also be arranged such that final connection or installation does not necessitate twisting of the lampholder body by more than a half-turn.
Where the insulating interior portion of the lampholder body is separate from the portion which engages with the lamp cap, it shall be keyed in such a way as to prevent rotation within the lampholder body.
Where parts of the lampholder body are held together by a union, clamping ring or similar device, the arrangement shall be such as will prevent relative rotation of the parts.
6.1 General
The contact-making faces shall be smooth, and shall be so shaped at their edges that they allow the easy insertion and removal of a corresponding lamp. The contact-making faces shall have a resilient means of providing contact pressure when the lamp is inserted. Where piston-type cylindrical plungers are used, lampholder contacts shall have smooth. substantially flat surfaces with rounded or bevelled edges.
6.2 Size and disposition
The arrangement of the contacts shall be such that they are not bridged by either or both contacts of the gauge B22mJ. or gauge BI5m. specified in Appendix A, as appropriate, when the gauge is in any position during its insertion into the lampholder.
The diameter of circular-shaped contacts shall be not less than 3.5 mm for B22 lampholders and not less than 2.67 mm for Bl5 lampholders. Where contacts of other than circular shape are incorporated, the effective contact surface area shall be not less than 9.6 mm for B22 lampholders and not less than 5.6 mm2 for [315 lampholders. In addition, contacts shall he positioned in accordance with Figure 1.
6.3 Contact force
6.3. I Piston-type cylindrical plungers
The force required to depress each plunger independently to the position it will occupy, when the lamp is in position and when tested in accordance with Appendix C, shall be within the limits given in Table I.AS/NZS 3117 pdf download.

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