IEEE C37.20.3-2001 pdf free

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IEEE C37.20.3-2001 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Interrupter Switchgear.
3.5.2 design tests: Tests made by the manufacturer to determine the adequacy of the design of a particulartype, style, or model of equipment or its component parts to meet its assigned ratings and to operate satisfac-torily under normal service conditions or under special conditions if specified.Such tests may be used todemonstrate compliance with applicable standards of the industry.
1—Design tests are made on representative apparatus or prototypes to verify the validity of design analysis and calcula-tion methods and to substantiate the ratings assigned to all other apparatus of basically the same design.These tests arenot intended to be made on every design variation or to be used as part of normal production.The applicable portion ofthese design tests may also be used to evaluate modifications of a previous design and to ensure that performance has notbeen adversely affecied.These data from previous similar designs may also be used for current designs, where appropri-ate. Once made, the tests need not be repeated unless the design is changed to modify performance.
2—Design tests are sometimes called type tests.
3.5.3 production tests: Tests made for quality control by the manufacturer on every device or representativesamples, or on required parts or materials, to verify during production that the product meets the designspecifications and applicable standards.
1—Certain quality assurance tests on identified critical parts of repetitive high-production devices may be tested on aplanned statistical sampling basis.
2—Production tests are sometimes called routine tests.
3.5.4 conformance tests: Tests made to demonstrate compliance with the applicable standards. The testspecimen is normally subjected to all planned production tests prior to initiation of the conformance testprogram.
The conformance tests may, or may not, be similar to certain design tests. Demonstration of margin (capabili-ties) beyond the standards is not required.
3.5.5 field tests (for switchgear): Tests made after the assembly has been installed at its place of utiliza-tion..
3.5.6 switch compartment:The portion of the switchgear assembly that contains one switching device(such as an interrupter switch or power fuse interrupter switch combination) and the associated primaryconductors.
3.5.7 vertical section:The portion of the switchgear assembly between two successive vertical delineations.The vertical section may contain one or more switch compartments and associated primary conductors.IEEE C37.20.3 pdf download.

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