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IEEE 810-1987 (R2001) pdf free.IEE Standard for Hydraulic Turbineand Generator Integrally Forged Shaft Couplings and Shaft Runout Tolerances.
IEEE 810 diameters included in this standard range from 3 1/2 to 72 inches. Most shafts having integrally forgedcouplings are of special design rather than a stock product, and the greatest possible selection of sizes is required.Forthis reason, instead of following a series of preferred numbers, these standard shaft diameters are increased by 1/2 inchintervals, up to 9 inches; by 1 inch intervals, from 9 to 40 inches; and by 2 inch intervals, from 40 to 72 inches. Largeforgings are difficult to procure and shaft diameters larger than 72 inches are usually fabricated. Also, in these sizes,shaft stiffness and torque requirements are achieved at lower cost with fabricated rather than forged shafts.
In determining the proportions of the couplings included in this standard, the diameter of the flange, in each case, hasbeen kept as small as possible without reducing the strength of the coupling below that of the shaft in either torsion orbending.
Two values of flange thickness are provided: one for shafts that may be subject to bending at the coupling; and anotherfor shafts not subject to bending at the coupling.However in the latter case, if the hydraulic thrust is unusually great,some value of flange thickness between Cand D should be used and coupling bolts of higher tensile strength steel maybe found necessary.
The flange dimensions, Table 1, are based upon the following approximate proportions:Flange Thickness(C)= 0.25 x Shaft Diameter (A) Flange Thickness (D)=0.20 x Shaft Diameter (A)Rabbet Diameter (E)=0.60 x Shaft Diameter (A)
Relief Diameter (I) = Shaft Diameter (A) minus one inch
For matching shafts of different diameters, either the dimensions of the larger coupling shall be used for both halves,or the larger shaft shall be necked-down near the coupling to the diameter of the smaller shaft, and the dimensions ofthe smaller coupling shall be adopted for both. For all vertical and horizontal shaft installations, the turbine shaft shall be provided with the male half coupling.IEEE 810 pdf download.

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