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IEEE 816-1987 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Determining the Smoke Generation of Solid Materials Used for Insulations and Coverings of Electric Wire and Cable.
IEEE 816 flaming mode,a sixtube burnerapplies a row of small flames over the lower edgeof the exposed specimen area. The flames are inaddition to the radiant energy source.
The cumulative smoke obscuration mea-surements are made using a collimated light beamfrom an incandescent light source. The intensityof light passing through the smoke is measured bya photomultiplier microphotometer system capable of detecting minute light level differences (upto 0.001% of the original transmitted light).
The smoke produced by the specimenresults in reduced light transmittance, which canbe expressed in specific optical density.
Smoke Density Chamber.The smokedensity chamber is shown in Figs 1 and 2.4.Test Chamber
(1 ) The inside dimensions of the test chambershall be 36 in (914 mm) high by 24 in (610 mm)deep and 36 in (914 mm) wide.
(2) The interior surfaces shall consist ofporcelain-enameled metal,or equivalent metalwith a coating resistant to chemical attack andcorrosion, and suitable for periodic cleaning.(3) Sealable openings shall be provided toaccommodate a vertical photometer,power andsignal connectors,air and gas supply tubes,anexhaust blower, inlet and exhaust vents, pressureand gas sampling taps, a pressure-relief valve, arod for remote positioning of the specimen holder,an aluminum foil (0.0010 in thick [approximately0.025 mm ] or less) safety blowout panel, at least125 in 2 (806 cm2) in area,and a hinged frontmounted door with an observation port or window. All openings except the gas sampling taps,the positioning rod,and an inlet vent shall belocated on the floor of the chamber. When allopenings are closed the chamber shall be capable of developing and maintaining positive pressureduring test periods.
As shown in Fig 3 an electric furnace with a3 in (76.2 mm) diameter opening shall be used toprovide a constant radiance on the specimen surface. The furnace is to be located centrally alongthe long axis of the chamber with the openingfacing toward and approximately 12 in (305 mm)from the righthand wall. The centerline of the furnace shall be approximately 73/4 in ( 195 mm)above the chamber floor.IEEE 816 pdf download.

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