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IEEE 762-1987 pdf free.IEEE Standard Definitions for Use in Reporting Electric Generating Unit Reliability,Availability,and Productivity.
IEEE 762 ofhours a unit was in the available state.
NOTE: Available hours is the sum of service hours andreserve shutdown hours,or may be computed from periodhours minus unavailable hours (see 5.4).Service Hours (SH). The number of hoursa unit was in the inservice state.Reserve Shutdown Hours (RSH). Thenumber of hours a unit was in the reserve shutdown state.Unavailable Hours (UH).The number ofhours a unit was in the unavailable state.
NOTE: Unavailable hours are the sum of planned outagehours and unplanned outage hours, or the sum of plannedoutage hours, forced outage hours,and maintenance outagehours.
Planned Outage Hours (POH). The num-ber of hours a unit was in the basic or extendedplanned outage state.Unplanned Outage Hours (UOH).Thenumber of hours a unit was in a Class o,1,2,3,or 4 unplanned outage state.
Forced Outage Hours (FOH). The numberof hours a unit was in a Class 0,1,2, or 3 unplanned outage state.
Maintenance Outage Hours (MOH).Thenumber of hours a unit was in a Class 4 unplanned outage state.
Deactivated Shutdown Hours (DSH).Thenumber of hours a unit was in the deactivatedshutdown state.In Service Planned Derated Hours(IPDH).The inservice hours during which abasic or extended planned derating was in effect. Reserve Shutdown Planned Derated Hours (RSPDH).The reserve shutdownhours during which a basic or extended plannedderating was in effect.
Unplanned Derated Hours (UDH).Theavailable hours during which an unplanned de-rating was in effect.
In-ServiceUnplannedDeratedHours (1UDH).The in-service hours duringwhich an unplanned derating was in effect.Reserve Shutdown Unplanned De-rated Hours (RSUDH). The reserve shutdownhours during which an unplanned derating wasin effect.Forced Derated Hours (FDH). The avail-able hours during which a Class 1,2,or 3 unplanned derating was in effect.
5In-Service Forced Derated Hours(IFDH).The in-service hours during which aClass 1,2, or 3 unplanned derating was in effect.5.14.2 Reserve Shutdown Forced DeratedHours (RSFDH). The reserve shutdown hoursduring which a Class 1,2, or 3 unplanned de-rating was in effect.Maintenance Derated Hours (MDH).The available hours during which a Class 4 un-planned derating was in effect.
In-Service Maintenance DeratedHours (IMDH). The in-service hours duringwhich a Class 4 unplanned derating was in effect.IEEE 762 pdf download.

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