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IEEE 576-1989 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Installation, Termination, and Testing of Insulated Power Cable as Used in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry.
IEEE 576-1989 practice provides a guide to installation, splicing, termination, and field-proof testing of cable systems for the petrochemical industry. It is not intended to be a design document, although many of the problems of installation can be avoided by designing cable layouts with the installation limits of this recommended practice.
The purpose of this recommended practice is tO provide a uniform guide of installation limits that will avoid premature cable failure due to improper installation and mechanical damage during installation. It is intended to provide a reference that can be specified for cable installations.
The following publications shall be used in conjunction with this standard:
Ill ANSI/IEEE Std 404-19X6. IEEE Standard for Cable Joints for tise with Extruded Dielectric Cable Rated 5(XX) V Through 46 000 V and Cable Joints for Use with Laminated Dielectric Cable Rated 2500 Through 500 000 V.
121 Engineering Data. Copper and Aluminum Conductor Electrical Cables. Ramsey. NJ: The Okonite Company.
131 IEEE Std 400-l9gO, IEEE Guide tbr Making High-Direct-Voltage Tests on Power Cable Systems in the Field.2
(41 Installation Practices for Cable Raceway Systems. Ramsey. NJ: The Okonite Company.
151 ANSJ/NFPA 70, National Electrical Code. Baueryniarch Park, Quincy. MA: National Fire Protection Association. l986.
sidewall pressure: The pressure exerted on an insulated cable as the result of the cable’s being pulled around a bend during installation.
cwcupancy factor: The factor by which the forces are adjusted due to cable spacing in a conduit. Sometimes called weight correction factor.
jamming: The wedging of cables in a conduit when three cables lie side by side in a fiat plane.
minimum bending radius: The minimum radius tha an insulated cable can be bent that will tiot cause mechanical damage during installation.
electrical connection: The point at which two or more electrical conductors are joined together to establish electrical continuity.IEEE 576 pdf download.

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