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IEEE 610.13-1993 pdf free.IEEE Standard Glossary of Computer Languages.
IEEE 610.13 HPGL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Lan-guage). A page description language used by manylaser printers. IAL(International Algebraic Language).Aforerunner of the ALGOL language. ICES (Integrated Civil Engineering Sys-tem). A general-purpose software system includingseveral programming languages, such as COGO andSTRUDL, and subsystems that are designed for usein civil engineering and engineering management.Icon. A highorder programming languagedesigned primarily to process non-numerical data, asin the applications such as analyzing natural language,transforming or generating computer programs, and formatting documents.
IDS/1.An extension to COBOL that permitsdata to be represented in ring type lists.
IITRAN.A programming language similar toPL/1 ; designed for use as an educational tool.
INA JO.A computer language used for prov-ing or verifying program correctness.
INQUIRE. A nonprocedural database manip-ulation language used to access data stored invSAM databases; characterized by its suitability forstorage and retrieval of textual data.
INTELLECT.A natural language front-endprocessor for an sQL database manipulation language.
interactive language. A nonprocedural language in which a prograrm is created as a result ofinteractive dialogue between the user and the computer system.The system provides questions, forms,and so on, to aid the user in expressing the results tobe achieved.See also: command language; declarative language; LCC; PPL; rule-based language.[610.12].IPL (Information Processing Language). Ahigh-order language used for performing list processing.
IT (Internal Translator). A programminglanguage developed to handle numerical applications,scientific applications,or expressions evaluated from left to right ignoring operator precedence.LEX or Lex.A compiler specification lan-guage in which the input is (1) a specification of aset of regular expressions and (2) actions to be takenupon recognizing each of these.The output of Lex isa lexical analysis program that can process the spec-ified language. Note: Used in writing portions ofcompilers,as well as in textual pattern matching.See also: YAcC.
LISP (LISt Processing). A list processinglanguage designed for manipulating symbols and foroperating on strings of information known as “lists””;handles recursive and repetitive handling of con-nected character strings.Note: Used widely in artificial intelligence,LISP uses a functional notationderived from lambda calculus that permits programsand data to have the same structure. See also:BALM;Common LISP; ELl; FLAVORs; func-tional language; GTL; SAIL; SCHEME.list processing language. A programminglanguage designed to manipulate data expressed inthe form of lists or character strings. Examples areLISP,LOGO,LPL,PROLOG,and SAM76.Syn:symbolic language; symbol manipulation language.
logic programming language. A programming language used to express programs in terms ofcontrol constructs and a restricted predicate calcu-lus; for example, PARLOG; PROLOG or STRAND.IEEE 610.13 pdf download.

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