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IEEE 524a-1993 pdf free.IEEE Guide to Grounding During the lnstallation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors.
IEEE 524a conductor grip: A device designed to permit the pulling of conductor without splicing on fittings,eyes, etc. It permits the pulling of a continuous conductor where threading is not possible. The designs ofthese grips vary considerably. Grips such as the Klein(Chicago) and Crescent utilize an open sided rigidbody with opposing jaws and swing latch. In addition to pulling conductors, this type is commonly used totension guys and, in some cases, pull wire rope. The design of the come-along (pocketbook, suitcase, “4”bolt, etc.) incorporates a bail attached to the body of a clamp which folds to completely surround and enve-lope the conductor. Bolts are then used to close the clamp and obtain a grip.Syn: buffalo, Chicago grip,come-along, Crescent, “4” bolt, grip, Klein, pocketbook,”7” bolt, “6” bolt, slip-grip, suitcase.
crawler tractor (conductor stringing equipment): A tracked unit employed to pull pulling lines, sagconductor, level or clear pull and tension sites, and miscellaneous other work. It is also frequently used as atemporary anchor. Sagging winches on this unit are usually arranged in a vertical configuration.Syn: cat,crawler, tractor, dozer.
de-energized (conductor stringing equipment): Free from any electrical connection to a source ofpotential difference and from electric charge; not having a potential different from that of the ground.Theterm is used only with reference to current-carrying parts that are sometimes alive (energized). To state thata circuit has been de-energized means that the circuit has been disconnected from all intended electricalsources. However, it could be electrically charged through induction from energized circuits in proximity toit, particularly if the circuits are parallel.Syn: dead.
drum puller (conductor stringing equipment): A device designed to pull conductors(s) during string-ing operations. It is normally equipped with its own engine which drives the drum(s) mechanically, hydraulically, or through a combination of both. It may be equipped with synthetic fiber rope or wire rope to be usedas the pulling line.The pulling line is payed out from the unit, pulled through the travelers in the sag section,and attached to the conductor. The conductor is then pulled in by winding the pulling line back onto thedrum. This unit is sometimes used with synthetic fiber rope acting as a pilot line to pull heavier pulling linesacross canyons, rivers, etc.Syn: hoist, single drum hoist, single drum winch, tugger.
2.17 dynamometer (conductor stringing equipment): A device designed to measure loads or tension onconductors. Various models of these devices are used to tension guys or sag conductors. Syn: clock,load cell.IEEE 524a pdf download.

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