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IEEE 463-1993 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electrical Safety Practices in Electrolytic Cell Line Working Zones.
IEEE 463 Circuits supplying power to hand-held, cord-connected equipment used within cell line working zone shall
a)Be ungrounded
b)Be supplied by insulating transformers
c)Supply only the special receptacles of the preceding paragraph
Primaries of insulating transformers shall operate at no more than 600 v between conductors and shall beprovided with proper overcurrent protection.The secondary voltage of such transformers shall not exceed300 V between conductors, and all circuits supplied from such secondaries shall be ungrounded and shallhave an approved overcurrent device of proper rating in each conductor.Receptacles and their mating plugs for ungrounded equipment shall not have provisions for a grounding.conductor and shall be of a configuration that prevents their use for equipment required to be grounded
Receptacles on circuits supplied by an insulating transformer with an ungrounded secondary shall be a dis-tinctive configuration and distinctively marked.
When arc-welding machines are used to weld on energized cell line equipment,grounding or bondingrequirements are as follows:
a)When a machine is placed within the cell line working zone, the machine frame shall be bonded to the cell line near the point of work. The cell line working zone shall be considered extended toinclude the welding machine and a safe working distance around the machine.
b)When a machine is placed outside the cell line working zone, the machine frame shall not be bonded to the cell line nor shall it be grounded.A “danger” sign shall be placed on the machine.
The conductive surfaces of cranes and hoists that enter the cell line working zone shall not be required to begrounded.
The portion of an overhead crane or hoist that contacts an energized electrolytic cell or energized attach-ments shall be insulated from ground.
Remote crane or hoist controls that may introduce hazardous electrical conditions into the cell line workingzone shall employ one or more of the following systems:
a)Insulated and ungrounded control circuits in accordance with clause 7
b) Nonconductive rope operator
c)Pendent push-button with nonconductive supporting means and having either nonconductive surfaces or ungrounded exposed conductive surfaces.IEEE 463 pdf download.

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