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IEEE 583-1982 (R2006) pdf free.IEEE Standard Modular Instrumentatipnand Digital Interface System (CAMAC).
IEEE 583 is intended to serve as a basis for a range of modular instrumentation capable of interfacing transducersand other devices to digital controllers for data and control. It consists of mechanical standards and signal standardsthat are sufficient to ensure physical and operational compatibility between units regardless of source.
The standard fully specifies a data bus (Dataway) by means of which instruments and other functional modules cancommunicate with each other,with peripherals, with computers, and with other external controllers as shown in FigK1A.This serves to drastically reduce both the variety and quantity of interfacing required in a single installation andprovides a considerable degree of computer independence. The multiplicity of computer dependent and instrumentdependent interfaces shown in Fig KlB is typically replaced by a single computer dependent interface as in Fig K1Cwith one side of the interface speaking the computer language and the other side the standardized Dataway will be noted that the Dataway is strictly a digital interface.
A single crate as shown in Fig K1A can typically accommodate up to twenty-three separate modules plus controller.Both single-crate systems and multiple-crate systems can be assembled.Fig K1D shows a multiple-crate system inwhich data is transferred in parallel, utilizing a parallel highway and a parallel highway driver.Fig K1E shows a serialsystem in which data is transferred bit or byte serial.The parallel system is especially useful where very high data ratesare encountered, whereas the serial system is advantageous for industrial control and other applications where longdistances are involved such that wiring cost is an important consideration.Standard parallel and serial highwayconfigurations based on Figs K1D and K1E are being processed.
Maximum benefit is derived from using this standard as a whole. Selected portions may find application in additionalareas. Other devices and buses,such as that of IEEE 488,can be readily incorporated into the system through aninterfacing module.IEEE 583 pdf download.

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