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IEEE 596-1982 (R2006) pdf free.IEEE Standard Parallel Highway InterfaceSystem (CAMAC)
IEEE 596 defined in ANSIIEEE Std 583-1982,Modular Instrumentation and Digital Interface System, is the basisfor all CAMAC* systems. It provides the means of interconnection between modules and a crate controller within onecrate. This standard defines the CAMAC Parallel Highway Interface System for interconnecting up to seven CAMACcrates (or other devices) and a system controller.The Parallel Highway, so called because the data bits are transmittedalong the Highway in parallel, is capable of handling higher data rates than nonparallel highways. However, in someapplications, for example, where there are long distances between crates or where simplicity of interconnections isparticularly important, the Serial Highway of ANSIIEEEStd 595-1982,Serial Highway Interface System(CAMAC),may be more suitable.
This standard defines the signals,timing, and logical organization of the connections from crate controllers andParallel Highway Drivers to the Parallel Highway through a standard connector. The internal structures of cratecontrollers and Parallel Highway Drivers, and the physical construction of the Parallel Highway System are definedonly where they affect compatibility between parts of the system.
An appendix defines in more detail those features of the crate controller that affect hardware and softwarecompatibility.The appendix can be used as a formal specification of a standard crate controller, Crate ControllerTypeA-1(CCA-1), or as a general recommendation to promote uniformity between crate controllers.Since a number of Parallel Highways can be used to assemble a large system (as discussed in Section 3.), a CAMACParallel Highway,together with its connected equipment and its Driver,is designated a CAMAC Branch.TheCAMAC Parallel Highway Driver is thus commonly referred to as the CAMAC Branch Driver. Associated terms areBranch Demand, Branch Address, Branch Initialize, Branch operation, etc. The use of these designations is continuedin this standard. Where the meaning is clear, shortened terms, usually with the prefix CAMAC omitted, are also used.
This standard is a reference text describing and defining the CAMAC Parallel Highway Interface System(CAMACParallel Highway System). It should be read in conjunction with, and is supplementary to, ANSIIEEE Std 583-1982.No part of this standard is intended to supersede or modify ANSI/IEEE Std 583-1982.IEEE 596 pdf download.

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