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IEEE 572-1984 (R2004) pdf free.IEEE Standard for Qualification ofClass 1E Connection Assemblies for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 572 provides general requirements, direction, and methods for qualifying Class lE connection assemblies forservice in nuclear power generating stations. These include connectors,terminations, and environmental seals incombination with related cables or wires as assemblies. This standard does not apply to containment electricpenetrations, fire stops, in-line splices, or components for service within the reactor vessel.
The purpose of this standard is to provide specific direction for the implementation of IEEE Std 323-1983 [2] onqualification as it pertains to the qualification of connectors, terminations, and environmental seals (related to cables asassemblies).This standard augments the direction given by IEEE Std 383-1974 [4] by providing requirements for thequalification of connection assemblies.
When the following American National Standards referred to in this standard are superseded by a revision approved bythe American National Standards Institute, the latest revision shall be used.
lt is required that Class IlE connection assemblies meet or exceed the specified performance requirements throughouttheir installed life.This is accomplished through a quality assurance program that includes, but is not limited to design,qualification, production quality control, installation maintenance, periodic testing, and surveillance.The qualificationportion of the program is discussed in this standard.The other steps in the quality assurance program require strictcontrol to ensure that manufactured connection assemblies are generic and are suitably applied,installed, andmaintained, and, where required, periodically tested.
lt is the primary role of qualification to ensure that Class IE connection assemblies can perform as specified and thatno failure mechanism exists that could lead to common mode failures under postulated service conditions.
lt is the degradation with time (aging), followed by exposure to the environmental extremes of temperature, pressure,humidity, radiation, vibration, or chemical spray resulting from design basis events (DBE), or a combination of thesewhich present a potential for causing common mode failures of Class IE connection assemblies.For these reasons it isnecessary to establish a qualified life for connection assemblies required to function during and are located in areassubject to DBEs that cause the environments to exceed their normal and abnormal levels. This shall be accomplished using the qualification methods described in the following sections of this standard, including type testing, operatingexperience,analysis as a supplement to type testing and operating experience,ongoing qualification,or anycombination thereof.IEEE 572 pdf download.

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