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IEEE 457-1982 pdf free.IEEE Standard Definitions of  Terms for Nonlinear,Active, and Nonreciprocal Waveguide Components.
IEEE 457 firing time (microwave switching tubes). ‘The time to establish an abovethreshold discharge in the gas tube after the application of radio frequency power. This timedelay is responsible for the spike in the leadingedge of the output leakage waveform.See alsoreceiver protector; gas tube;1 duplexer.abrupt junction (semiconductor). A semicon-ductor crystal having a n-region containing anearconstant net concentration ofdonorimpurities adjoining a pregion with a nearconstant net concentration of acceptors; usedprimarily in microwave frequency multipliers,dividers, and parametric circuits.
absorptive loss. See arc loss.
anticlutter gain control (radar). A device thatautomatically and smoothly increases the gainof a radar receiver from a low level to the maximum,within a specified period after eachtransmitter pulse,so that shortrange echoesproducing clutter are amplified less than longrange echoes.
antitransmit-receive tube.2 A gas-filled radio-frequency switching tube used to isolate thetransmitter during the interval for pulse reception.See also gas tube.arcdischarge. Commonly refers to weaklyionized plasma created by a radio-frequency(rf) discharge in gas tubes,receiver protectors, or duplexers.
arc loss (absorptive loss). Power absorbed inan active nonlinear device during, above-threshold switching or limiting in gas tubes,duplexers,ferrite limiters,or diode limiters.attenuator,p-i-n diode. A device that providesa predetermined value of attentuation in atransmission line in response to a precise valueof bias.
backward diode. A semiconductor device usedprimarily as a detector or mixer. Quantum-mechanical tunneling in this diode results in acurrent-voltage characteristic in which the re-verse current is greater than the forward cur-rent for equal applied voltages of oppositepolarity.
balanced duplexer (radar). A dualized networkusing two quadrature hybrids on each side of apair of self-switching elements used to interconnect the transmitter,receiver,and antennain a radar. See also duplexer.
bang snuffer. A switch used in radar receiversto suppress carrier leakage during the transmitperiod.See also gate (microwave).
breakdown voltage (diode). The reverse voltageat which there is a conduction of current dueto the Zener effect or the avalanche multiplication process.’This voltage is usually specified at10 uA of reverse current.burnout.The point at which a sensitive receiving device suffers a specified permanent degradation of noise figure or equivalent increasein noise temperature.
capacitance,case (semiconductor). The fixedcapacitance of an empty enclosure (neithersemiconductor chip nor connecting wires orstraps are present).
capacitance, diffusion (semiconductor).Acapacitance enhancement effect associatedwith pn junctions. Because the diffusion of electrons and holes takes time,there is a storage effect that is equivalent to adding additional capacitance in shunt with the junction.In the forward bias state, the diffusion capacitance becomes predominant over the spacecharge capacitance to the point that the lattercan be neglected at lower microwave frequencies. Diffusion capacitance varies inversely withfrequency,but increases as minority carrierlifetime increases and must be dealt with inmany frequency multiplier and parametricamplifier designs.IEEE 457 pdf download.

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