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IEEE 323-1983 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment forNuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 323 describes the basicrequirements for qualifying Class 1E equipmentwith interfaces that are to be used in nuclearpower generating stations. The requirementspresented include the principles, procedures, andmethods of qualification.These qualificationrequirements,when met,will confirm the ade-quacy of the equipment design under normal,abnormal, design basis event, post design basisevent, and in-service test conditions for the per-formance of safety function(8).
Purpose.The purpose of this standard is toidentify requirements for the qualification ofClass iEequipment, including those interfaceswhose failure could adversely affect the perform-ance of Class 1E equipment and systems.
The methods described shall be used forqualifying equipment,extending qualification,and updating qualification if the equipment isrmodified.Other issued IEEstandards whichpresent qualification methods for specific equip-ment or components, or both, and those that dealwith parts of the qualification program, may beused to supplement this standard, as applicable.
It is required that Class 1E equipment , withits interfaces, meets or exceeds the specificationrequirements throughout its installed life.Thisis accomplished through a program thatincludes,but is not limited to, design control,qualification,production quality control,installation,maintenance, periodic testing, andsurveillance.’This standard deals with the quali-fcation Dortion of the program.
It is the primary role of qualification to ensurethat Class 1E equipment can perforn its safetyfunction(s) with no failure mechanism that couldlead to common cause failures under postulatedservice conditions.
is degradation with time(aging),followed byexposure to the environmental extremes of tem-perature, pressure,humidity,radiation,vibra-tion,or chemical spray resulting from designbasis events which presents a potential for caus-ing common cause failures of Class 1E equip-ment. For this reason it is necessary to establisha qualified life for equipment with significantaging mechanisms unless aging is adequatelyaddressed by periodic surveillance/mainte-nance. The qualified life determination shall beaccomplished using the qualification methodsdescribed in the remainder of this standard.These methods include type testing. operatingexperience, analysis,or any combination thereofFor equipment located in mild environmentsand which has no significant aging mechanisms.a qualified life is not required.This equipmentshall be selected for application to the specificservice conditions based on sound engineeringpractices and manufacturer’s reconmendations.with regard to seismic testing of equipmentlocated in mild environments, preaging prior toseismic tests is required only where significantaging mechanisms exist.IEEE 323 pdf download.

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