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IEEE 381-1977 pdf free.IEEE Standard Criteria for Type Tests of Class 1E Modules Used in Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
These considerations may make extrapola-tion appear difficult, but justification for manydevices of the similar design can be acceptablyachieved. These cases with adequate documented justification will be considered as hav-ing been qualified by analysis.
The user of this standard should take particular note of the use of the term significant.Wherever used in this document,the termsignificant relates only to those things demon-strated to be important by the safety analysisof the station.Refer to the definition ,ofsignificant (Section 3).
IEEE Std 381-1977 is an individual equip-mentqualification document dealingwithClass 1E modules. It supplements and modifies some requirements of IEEE Std 323-1974 [24] to account for module state of theart and incorporate the IEEE QualificationSubcommittee’scurrent interpretations ofIEEE Std 323-1974 [24] requirements. Where differencesexist between this standard andIEEE Std 323-1974 [24],the present stan dard’s requirements take precedence insofaras class 1E modules are concerned.
The definitions in this section establish themeanings of words in the context of their usein this document. Each definition where ap-propriate is followed by the word modulein parentheses,thus rendering it unique fromthe other IEEE standards definitions.
accuracy1 (module).Conformity of a measure-ment value to an accepted standard value ortrue value.
actuated equipment. A component or assem-bly of components that performs,or directlycontributes to the performance of,a protective function such as reactor trip,containment isolation,or emergency coolant injection. The following are examples of actuatedequipment: an entire control rod with its re-lease or drive mechanism,a containment isola-tion valve with its operator,and a safety injection pump with its prime mover.
actuation device. A component or assembly ofcomponents (or module) that directly controlsthe motive power (electricity,compressed air,etc) for actuated equipment. The following areexamples of an actuation device: a circuitbreaker, a relay , a valve ( with its operator) usedto control compressed air to the operator of acontainment isolation valve (and a module containing such equipment).IEEE 381 pdf download.

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