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IEEE 463-1977 (R1987) pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electrical Safety Practices in Electrolytic Cell Line Working Zones.
Electrolytic cell lines differ widely in size andin physical and electrical characteristics,with variations among similar processes. One cellline may operate at less than 25 v dc and another at more than 1000 v dc, depending onthe type and number of cells. Also,one cellline may operate at a few thousand amperesdc and another at over 400 000 A dc.
Electrolytic cell lines may be located indoorsor outdoors,may have a wet or dry environ-ment,may have conductive or nonconductivefloor surfaces,and may be electrically con-nected to auxiliary equipment such as pumps,motors,piping,and steelwork at levels aboveor below the cells.
Electrolytic cell line installations and theirassociated electrical conductors,auxiliary equip-ment and attachments are of custom design foreach installation.
peration and maintenance of most electrolytic cell lines require contact by personnelwith exposed electrically energized surfaces,such as buses,electrolytic cells,and theirattachments.
Exposed energized surfaces in themselvesdo not establish a hazardous electrical condition. A hazardous electrical condition is re-lated to current flow through the body. Thecurrent flow is a function of many factors including resistance through the body, throughthe skin,of return paths,of paths in parallelwith the body and the system voltages.
Safeguard shall be provided to personnel whoare within the cell line working zone wherehazardouselectricalconditions may exist.Safeguard shall be provided by one or a com-bination of the means described in Subsections6.1 through 6.7. Safeguards are inherent insome cell line installations.
Insulation. Insulation shall be a properlydesigned insulation system for energized orgroundedsurfaces utilizingnonconductivematerials. Nonconductive material shall includeglass,porcelain,epoxy coating,rubber,fiber-glass,plastic,and, when dry, such materials asconcrete, tile, brick, and wood.
Personal Protective Equipment. Personalprotective equipment shall include one or moreof the following:
( 1 ) Shoes,boots,or overshoes for wet service
(2) Shoes for dry service
(3)Gloves for wet service
(4) Sleeves for wet service
(5) Gloves for dry service
(6) sleeves for dry service
(7 ) Electrically insulated helmet
Guards.Guards shall be mechanical devicessuch as covers,casings,barrier rails,screens,mats,and platforms which shield,fence,orotherwise prevent approach or contact with electrically energized or grounded surfaces thatcould present a hazardous electrical condition.Voltage Equalization. Voltage equalizationexists where a conductive surface is bonded toan electrically energized surface, either directlyor through a resistance,so that there is insuf ficient voltage between them to result in ahazardous electrical condition.
Isolation. Isolation shall be the permanentplacement of equipment or items in locationsso that personnel are unable to simultaneouslycontactexposed conductive surfaces whichcould present a hazardous electrical condition.Physical Clearance. Physical clearance shallbe a safe working distance which may be lessthan that defined for the cell line working zone.Special Instruction. Special instructionshall cover safe work practices whereby personnel are properly safeguarded from poten-tially hazardous electrical conditions.IEEE 463 pdf download.

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