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IEEE 317-1983 (R2003) pdf free.IEEE Standard for Electric PenetrationAssemblies in Containment Structuresfor Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 317 prescribes the requirements for the design,construction, qualification, test, and installation of electricpenetration assemblies in nuclear containment structures for stationary nuclear power generating stations. Therequirements for external circuits which connect to penetration assemblies are beyond the scope of this standard.Thisstandard does not include requirements for operation, maintenance, or periodic testing after installation.
analysis: A process of mathematical or other logical reasoning that leads from stated premises to the conclusionconcerning the qualification of an assembly or components.
design basis events (DBE);: Postulated events used in the design to establish the acceptable performance requirementsof the structures, systems, and components.
design service conditions: The service conditions used as the basis for ratings and for the design qualification ofelectric penetration assemblies.
design tests: Tests performed to verify that an electric penetration assembly meets design requirements.double aperture seal: Two single aperture seals in series.
double electric conductor seal: Two single electric conductor seals in series.
electric penetration assembly: An assembly of insulated electric conductors, conductor seals,module seals (if any),and aperture seals that provides the passage of the electric conductors through a single aperture in the nuclearcontainment structure, while providing a pressure barrier between the inside and the outside of the containmentstructure. The electric penetration assembly includes terminal (junction) boxes, terminal blocks, connectors and cablesupports, and splices which are designed and furnished as an integral part of the assembly.
environmental conditions: Physical service conditions external to the electric penetration assembly such as ambienttemperature,pressure,radiation,humidity,vibration,chemical or demineralized water spray and submergenceexpected as a result of normal operating requirements,and postulated conditions appropriate for the design basisevents applicable to the electric penetration assembly.
generic design: A family of equipment units having similar materials,manufacturing processes, limiting stresses,design, and operating principles, that can be represented for qualification purposes by a representative unit(s).
installed life: The interval of time from installation to permanent removal from service, during which the electricpenetration assembly is expected to perform its required function(s).IEEE 317 pdf download.

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