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IEEE 18-1992 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Shunt Power Capacitors.
IEEE 18 The capacitance shall be measured on each unit both before and after the application of the test voltage.Theinitial capacitance measurement shall be at low voltage. The change in capacitance, as a result of the testvoltage, shall be less than either a value of 2% or that caused by failure of a single roll of the particulardesign. For three-phase Y-connected units, the above testing for terminal-to-neutral shall be followed by atest at ,/3 times above values between each outside bushing to the center bushing to test the phase insula-tion.
Terminal-to-case test (not applicable to capacitors having one terminal common to thecase)
Terminal-to-case tests shall be made on capacitors having all terminals insulated from the case.The appro-priate test voltage from table 5 shall be applied between all insulated terminals connected together and thecase.
Capacitance tests shall be made on each capacitor to demonstrate that it will deliver not less than rated reac-tive power and not more than 115% of rated reactive power at rated voltage and frequency, corrected to acapacitor case and internal temperature of 25 °C. Measurements made at other than 25 °C are corrected byadjusting for temperature difference according to the established temperature relationship for the capacitortested.Capacitance measurements shall be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
A suitable test shall be made on each capacitor to ensure that it is free from leaks.
Impulse tests shall be applied between terminals and case, with the terminals connected together.
NOTE—Single bushing capacitors, of which the case forms one electrode, shall not be subjected to the impulse with stand test.When one principal terminal of the capacitor is connected to the case, the BIL requirements shall not apply tothe internal insulation assembly. The internal insulation assembly shall assure that the capacitor will meet the require-ments of 7.2.1.However, the bushing shall meet all the requirements of 6.6 and the nameplate shall carry the applicableBIL.IEEE 18 pdf download.

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