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IEEE 1010-1987 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Control of  Hydroelectric Power Plants.
IEEE 1010  category of control that can be defined is the mode of control.Two types of control modes exist for thiscategory, manual and automatic.
This is the most basic control mode. It is characterized by the type of controls found local to the devices beingcontrolled, such as pumps,compressors, valves,and motor control centers. The full complement of controls andindication exist here. Each operation needs a separate and discrete initiation.This type of control can be found in allthree sublevels of the location category. It is more predominant in the local area but can be found in off-site systems ofcontrol.
This is a level above the basic control mode. It is characterized by the more sophisticated type of controls found incentralized or off-site locations. It can also be utilized in local operations. Automatic control is recognized by severaloperations being started or;consequently,precipitated by a single initiation.Examples can be found from thesequencing of unit auxiliaries for an automatic unit start, to the loading and balancing of multiple units in a plant. Bothexamples would be initiated by a single operator instruction. The equipment to accomplish this ranges from simplerelay logic to large computer-based supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Load dispatch and automaticgeneration control would be an example of the latter.
After the location and mode of control is defined, the manner in which the plant is supervised or staffed should berecognized.Though this aspect is not commonly addressed in industry recognized labels for plant control, theequipment selection and its degree of automation is related to the plant supervision. The greater the degree ofsophistication in the controls, the greater the distance between the equipment being controlled and the control location.As the main point of control moves from the equipment to an off-site locale, the need for staffing/supervision at thelower levels of control diminishes. Supervision can, therefore, be described relative to the plant as either attended orunattended.
Attended—The plant is staffed 24 hours a day. The operator is available to perform control actions either locally or ata centralized area.IEEE 1010 pdf download,

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