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IEEE 1008-1987 pdf free.An American National Standard IEEE Standard for Software UnitTesting.
IEEE 1008 testing is a process that includes the performance of test planning, the acquisition of a test set,and the measurement of a test unit against its requirements. Measuring entails the use of sample data to exer-cise the unit and the comparison of the unit’s actual behavior with its required behavior as specified in theunit’s requirements documentation.
This standard defines an integrated approach to systematic and documented unit testing.The approach usesunit design and unit implementation information,in addition to unit requirements, to determine the completeness of the testing.
This standard describes a testing process composed of a hierarchy of phases, activities, and tasks and definesa minimum set of tasks for each activity.Additional tasks may be added to any activity.
This standard requires the performance of each activity. For each task within an activity,this standardrequires either that the task be performed, or that previous results be available and be reverified.This stan-dard also requires the preparation of two documents specified in ANSI/IEEE Std 829-1983 [2] ‘. These documents are the Test Design Specification and the Test Summary Report.
General unit test planning should occur during overall test planning.This general unit test planning activityis covered by this standard, although the balance of the overall test planning process is outside the scope ofthis standard.
This standard may be applied to the unit testing of any digital computer software or firmware.However, thisstandard does not specify any class of software or firmware to which it must be applied, nor does it specifyany class of software or firmware that must be unit tested. This standard applies to the testing of newlydeveloped and modified units.
This standard is applicable whether or not the unit tester is also the developer.
The results of some overall test planning tasks apply to all testing levels (for example, identify security andprivacy constraints).Such tasks are not considered a part of the unit testing process, although they directlyaffect it.
While the standard identifies a need for failure analysis information and software fault correction, it does notspecify a software debugging process.This standard does not address other components of a comprehensive unit verification and validation process,such as reviews (for example,walkthroughs,inspections), static analysis (for example, consistencychecks, data flow analysis), or formal analysis(for example, proof of correctness, symbolic execution).
This standard does not require the use of specific test facilities or tools. This standard does not imply anyparticular methodology for documentation control, configuration management, quality assurance, or man-agement of the testing process.IEEE 1008 pdf download.

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