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ASTM F3285-18 pdf free.Standard Guide for Installation and Application of Type C Portable Tanks for Marine LNG Service.
The design of the tank support shall include consid-erations to withstand green seas if applicable for the operatingenvironment.
The deck strength calculation shall be included and bepart of the design approval process.The portable tank connections shall be clearly colormarked and labelled to indicate its function in accordance withISO 14726.Plan review and approval of portable tanks shall bevessel-specific with documentation clearly indicating the ves-sel or vessels for which the tanks have been designed. Eachportable tank approved for use with a vessel’s LNG fuel systemshall be listed in the vessel’s fuel handling manual (IGF Code18.2.3) by serial number or other suitable identifying marking.Due consideration shall be given to applicable internationaland domestic multi-modal portable tank regulations such asthose contained in the IMO IMDG Code.
Portable fuel tanks shall be located indedicated areas fitted with (IGF Code 6.5.2) the following:5.2.1 Mechanical protection of the tanks depending onlocation and cargo operations (IGF Code Mechanicalprotection shall be in the form of a structural frame around thetank in accordance with ISO 1496-3 or equivalent.The riskassessment required by 4.2 and of the IGF Code shouldaddress any mechanical protection required for portable fueltanks taking into account the tanks location, the overall vesseldesign, and the cargolvessel operations.This includes protection against the following:
Lateral impact,which may consist of longitudinalbars protecting the shell on both sides;Overturning,which may consist of reinforcementrings or bars fixed across frames;Shell damage,which may consist of a structuralframe constructed in accordance with a recognized standard.5.2.2 If located on open deck: spill protection and waterspray systems for cooling (IGF Code
Spill protection can either be part of the tank framesupport or the ship. If it is part of the portable tank, it shall beconnected by flexible hose to the ship’s system in accordanceto EN 1474-2: or equivalent.Similarly, the water spray system can be part of theportable tank or the ship.Portable fuel tanks shall besecured to the deck while connected to the ship systems.Thearrangement for supporting and fixing the tanks shall bedesigned for the maximum expected static and dynamicinclinations,as well as the maximum expected values ofacceleration,taking into account the ship characteristics andthe position of the tanks (IGF Code 6.5.3).The design of the supporting and fixing arrangementshall include external forces such as green seas, as applicableto the operating environment.If the fuel tank is mounted on a truck chassis,thesecuring system shall be such that the weight of the tank shallnot be carried by the truck wheels and tires,which may besubject to punctures or completely damaged in a fire scenario.ASTM F3285 pdf download.

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