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AS ISO ASTM 52901:2021 pdf free.Additive manufacturing – General principles – Requirements for purchased AM parts.
4.3.3 Tolerances
The tolerances shall be specified (e.g. general tolerances, see ISO 2768-1 and ISO 2768-2, and/or specific, ISO 1101), including the definition of functional (e.g. machining allowance for finishing or rework) and aesthetic or cosmetic zones, so that the part provider can orient the part according to the requirements, and decide on the location and type of part support structures if needed.
4.3.4 Surface texture
The surface texture (also known as surface finish) of the part should be specified, if possible by reference to existing standards (e.g. by using ISO 1302 and/or ISO 25178-1).
The surface texture requirement may be specified by a maximum value of roughness/waviness for the whole part or by a specific roughness/waviness for one or more critical surfaces.
NOTE The surface texture typically depends on several process parameters, including part orientation and layer thickness.
4.3.5 Part manufacturing process
The desired manufacturing process for building the part shall be identified, including necessary post- processing steps (e.g. heat treatment, surface finishing).
The build orientation shall follow the rules given in ISO/ASTM 52921.
NOTE The build orientation Is usually chosen by the part provider to meet the requirements; however, the
customer can specify the build orientation of the part if needed to achieve specific mechanical properties.
4.3.6 Feedstock for the part to be manufactured
The type and/or limits of the chemical composition of the feedstock for the part to be manufactured shall be specified by reference to existing standards and/or material specifications.
The purchase order shall mention or reference appropriate specifications for
— characteristics of the feedstock for the part to be manufactured,
— storage, handling, and processing requirements for proper use of feedstock and to control its properties, and
— if necessary to meet the customer requirements, information about the allowed use of recycled (reused) feedstock.
NOTE If the customer is concerned about the country of origin of the feedstock or the producer of the feedstock, the desired source of feedstock can be specified.
4.3.7 Repair methods
Any repair shall be communicated to the customer and authorized prior to being performed. The authorized repair methods (such as repair by material deposition, welding, gluing, or bonding) and corresponding repair conditions shall be specified if needed and shall he approved by the customer.
4.3.8 Acceptable imperfection(s) or non-conformance
Allowances for cracks, defects, discontinuities, foreign material, inclusions, acceptable imperfection(s) or deviation(s), discolorations, and porosity shall be agreed upon between the part provider and the customer.AS ISO ASTM 52901 pdf download.

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