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ASTM G150-18 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Electrochemical Critical Pitting Temperature Testing of Stainless Steels and Related Alloys.
The test cell shall be able to contain a test solutionvolume of minimum 100 mL per square centimetre test area.Amaximum dilution of 15 % of the test solution during the testperiod is allowed in case a flushed port cell or similararrangement is used.
Any part of the specimen holder coming in contactwith the test solution during testing shall be made of an inertmaterial, and any seal shall not allow leakage of electrolyte.6.8.2 The specimen holder shall have a design that ensuresno occurrence of crevice corrosion at the contact area betweenspecimen holder and specimen.Two examples of specimen holder designs in accor-dance with this standard are shown in Appendix X2 andAppendix X3.The major difference between the specimenholder designs lies in the allowable specimen geometry and thenumber of surfaces on the specimen that are being testedsimultaneously.Auxiliary (Counter) Electrode—Requirements shall bein accordance with the section Auxiliary Electrodes in TestMethod G5 with the exception that only one counter electrodeis necessary for CPT testing.The electrode material shall be ofa type which can be considered inert under the test conditions.6.9.2 Reference Electrode—The reference electrode shall bekept at room temperature outside the actual test cell. Thereference electrode shall be capable of ensuring a constantreference potential within ±5 mV during the entire testprocedure (see Note 2). Electrical contact to the test solutionshall be provided by the use of a luggin capillary placed in thetest solution. Requirements shall otherwise be in accordancewith the section on Reference Electrode in Test Method G5.7.4 Specimens removed from a work piece or component byshearing, cutting, burning, and so forth shall have the affectededges removed by grinding or machining, unless it is explicitlyintended to study the effects of these edge factors.
Reagent grade chemicals shall beused in all tests.Unless otherwise indicated, it is intended thatall reagents conform to the specifications of the Committee onAnalytical Reagents of the American Chemical Society wheresuch specifications are available.4 Other grades may be used,provided it is first ascertained that the reagent is of sufficientlyhigh purity to permit its use without lessening the accuracy ofthe determination.ASTM G150 pdf download.

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