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ASTM F1186-18 pdf free.Standard Classification System for Chemicals According to Functional Groups.
This standard provides a classification system forchemical compounds whereby chemicals are assigned a three-digit code based primarily on chemical class.2 Poly-functionalcompounds should be classified by all applicable code numbersassociated with their component functional groups.
This international standard was developed in accor-dance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for theDevelopment of International Standards,Guides and Recom-mendations issued by the World Trade Organization TechnicalBarriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.In many situations where chemicals are interacting withother chemicals or materials, the interaction is strongly depen-dent and often correlated with the functional group(s) present.These interactions include chemical reaction,dissolution,andswelling/permeation of polymeric materials. For this reason, itis useful to have a standard means for classifying chemicals.One application for this classification system is in theselection of chemical protective clothing based on the chemicalresistance of the clothing materials. Chemical resistance data are available for only a very small fraction of thechemicals for which protective clothing is used. However, forchemicals for which no data are available, a knowledge of thechemical class sometimes can give insight into the resistance ofa prospective clothing material.The present state of knowledge precludes reliable estimatesfrom chemical class alone.The classification system also facilitates the develop-ment of predictive methodology by researchers in a variety offields, in addition to protective clothing.functional group—the atom or group of atoms thatdefines the chemical class of a particular family of organiccompounds and,at the same time, determines their properties.4.Basis of Classification,Threedigit numbers were assigned to each class.Themajor classes generally were a multiple of 10 (printed in boldtype), with subclasses numbered between. Subcommittee F23.30 has jurisdiction for designatingnew classes. Proposals should be made to that group.The listwill be updated periodically through the ASTM ballotingprocess as needed; interim lists will be made immediatelyavailable from the subcommittee.See Annex A1 for the classification system.ASTM F1186 pdf download.

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