AS 2455.2:2019 pdf free download

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AS 2455.2:2019 pdf free download.Textile floor coverings – Installation practice Part 2: Carpet tiles.
4 Pre-laying requirements
4.1 General
Pre-laying requirements shall be in accordance with AS 2455.1. Prior to commencement, it should be ascertained that carpet tiles, type, colour, batch numbers, and arrow/pile direction, are all in accordance with the customer’s specification.
4.2 Subfloor condition and preparation
Subfloor preparation shall be in accordance with AS 2455.1, and the following requirements:
(a) The suhfloor shall be rigid, clean and dry and be free of materials that may adversely affect the carpet tiles.
(b) Where there is cable trunking, the finished surface shall be level with the subfloor.
(c) The subfloor shall be tested for moisture content (RH %) and alkalinity (pH) as specified in AS 2455.1.
4.3 Dual bond system
For the dual bond system, unless otherwise specified, the underlay shall be removed from its packaging and left fully unrolled for a period of not less than three hours, for conditioning purposes. The adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations on the adhesive application method and rates shall be followed.
4.4 Access panel floors
Access panel floors shall be true and square and constructed and installed in accordance with EN 12825.
NOTE Attention is drawn to definitions ofplane and smooth in AS 2455.1.
5 Setting up
5.1 General
The contractor shall request the purchaser to supply relevant site information prior to installation (see Appendix A). In setting up, a point in the room shall be determined from which carpet tiles can be installed to ensure that they are laid —
(a) unless specified otherwise, parallel to the longest wall (see Figure 1);
(b) where practical, with full tiles in doorways and high traffic areas (see Figure A.5.1);
(c) on access floors, unless a carpet tile is manufactured to fit one access panel, with the edge of a carpet tile not corresponding with access floor panel joints;
(d) when setting up in large floor plates within a central core, run a string line around the central core then install out into the quadrants (see Figure A.5.2);AS 2455.2 pdf download.

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