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ASTM F608-18 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness of Household Commercial Vacuum Cleaners.
Identify standard unit and test unit such as modelnumber, serial number,and unit test number.
Check the test vacuumcleaner and the reference vacuum cleaner in the laboratoryprior to the test,for functional properties.
Operate a new test vacuum cleaner with agitator, ifequipped, energized but unloaded, for 30 min prior to conduct-ing performance tests. New upright vacuum cleaners andcombination (canister and motorized nozzle) vacuum cleanersshall also be operated on the back of woven carpet for 60 minto condition the agitator or brush roll brushes.For this test, operate each vacuum cleaner at ratedvoltage ±1 % on the ASTM Plenum Chamber using a 1 l/4-in.diameter orifice for upright vacuum cleaners and a 3/4-in.diameter orifice for canister vacuum cleaners. Record the inputcurrent in amperes, motor speed in rpm, agitator speed in rpm,sealed suction, and agitator brush extension.
Each day prior to testing in the home, check sealedsuction,amperes, and brush rpm. Obtain pretest performancemeasurements on the test carpet required for the completion ofthe In-Home Cleaning Effectiveness Test Data Sheet (Table X1.1).The measurements shall be taken on an adjacent area ofthe carpet in the same condition.The load point for all pretestmeasurements is the average suction,established during theforward and reverse strokes of the vacuum cleaner.Care shallbe taken that the area chosen for the pretest measurements hasbeen cleaned prior to making measurements and that thevacuum cleaners are provided with clean filters or dirt cups, orboth.Each vacuum cleaner is tested in 25 homes,incomparison to a standard vacuum cleaner.The test area is a 9by 6-ft area made up of eight sections,each 18 by 54-in. (seeFig.X1.2).Corners of these areas are defined by masking tapein order to assist the operator. Areas A are cleaned with theknown standard vacuum cleaner. Areas B are cleaned with thevacuum cleaner being tested. Bulky litter,such as hair pins,string, paper,etc., shall be removed manually from the test areaprior to testing.
General information regarding carpet,padding,cleaning frequency and type of vacuum cleaner used shall beobtained from the home owner and recorded in the data sheet.X1.5.4.2 Locate the test area with regard to some referencepoint in the home and sketch the alternative test segments Aand B. Identify the carpet as to fiber, pile height, and type.Alsorecord if padding is used under the carpet in each home tested,and the type of padding (rubber, foam, or felt).
Each segment (A,or A, or B, etc.) shall be cleanedusing the same pattern of strokes, stroke time, and total time asestablished in this test method.ASTM F608 pdf download.

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