ASTM E727-08 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM E727-08 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Determining Bulk Density of Granular Carriers and GranularPesticides.
Weigh the 500-mL graduated cylinder and place it in theoverflow pan.Support the funnel on a ring which is then affixed to aring stand such that the top of the funnel is horizontal and rigidly in position. Adjust the height of the funnel so that itsbottom position is 38 mm [1.5 in.] above the top center of the500-mL graduated cylinder.
Hold a piece of flat metal (such as a wide spatula orsimilar tool) against the bottom of the funnel stem. Fill a600-mL beaker with a representative sample of the granularcarrier as defined in Test Method E725 and pour into thefunnel.Quickly remove the metal plate, allowing the granulesto fall into the graduate of their own accord.
Hold the graduate firmly and level off the granules to thetop of the graduate with the straight edge of the spatula.Avoidjiggling or vibrating the cylinder.Tap the cylinder to tamp the particles into the cylinderaway from the top, to avoid spillage losses during handling.7.6 Reweigh the cylinder and determine the weight of thesample to the nearest 1 g.Determine the weight on duplicate samples.A tared dry pint cup is filled to overflowing with agranular carrier or granular pesticide. The sample is leveled.The weight of the sample is measured and the bulk densitycalculated in pounds per cubic foot.These test methods yield comparative data.The pass/fail aspect of these procedures should be determined byapplicable specifications.After testing, store all materials in a safe manner anddispose of used material in accordance with product labeldirections, or material safety data sheets, or both. Before testing granular pesticides,read the precautionary statements on the product label.Take proper precautions toprevent skin contact and inhalation of the fines and vapors.Take care to prevent contamination of the surrounding area.Always wear the appropriate safety equipment and,whereindicated, wear respiratory devices approved by NIOSH for theproduct being tested.ASTM E727 pdf download.

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