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ASTM E760-92 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Effect of Impact on Bonding of Sprayed Fire-ResistiveMaterial Applied to Structural Members.
This test method requires the application of SFRM inaccordance with manufacturers’published instructions.Theapparatus, materials,and procedures used to apply the SFRMfor this test shall be representative of application in the field.6.4 The density of the prepared sample shall be similar tothe density tested and reported during the Test Methods E119and Test Method E84 fire exposure tests or as required by thesponsor of the test.
Determine the density and thickness of each of thelaboratory-prepared specimens. Report in accordance with TestMethods E605/E605M.Apply the SFRM to the underside of the steel deck nosooner than seven days after the concrete has been placed. Donot apply the SFRM to the area 330 mm [ 13 in.] in from eachend of the specimen, in order to permit the steel deck to beardirectly on the supports.Condition the prepared specimen for a period of notless than one week at ambient temperature and humidityconditions (not less than 4.4 C[40 °F]).Condition the specimen for a period sufficient to beconsidered dry in accordance with the manufacturers’recom-mendation.Place the specimen on the test supports with the SFRMas the lower surface and the concrete as the upper surface.8.2 Hoist the bag to a height of 1.2 m[4 ft] as measuredfrom the upper face of the specimen to the bottom of the bag.8.3 Apply an impact load once to the middle of the upperface of the specimen by dropping the leather bag.
Report the following information:A complete description of the overall specimen,in-cluding the final physical condition and appearance of theSFRM after impact,Any spalling, delamination,cracking, Thickness in millimetres [or inches] and the density ofthe SFRM in kilograms per cubic metre [or pounds per cubicfoot].No statement is made about either precision or bias ofthis test method since the results merely describe qualitativelythe physical condition of the test specimen after exposure to thespecified procedure.ASTM E760 pdf download.

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