ASTM E524-08 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM E524-08 (2020) pdf free.Standard Specification for Standard Smooth Tire for Pavement Skid-Resistance Tests.
The tire tread hardness is to be determined by averaging at least one set of six readings.A set should consist ofreadings taken at equally spaced intervals across the tread. It isrecommended that additional sets of readings be taken aroundthe tread circumference.Apply presser foot to the tire tread as rapidly aspossible without shock, keeping the foot parallel to the treadsurface. Apply just sufficient pressure to obtain firm contactbetween presser foot and tire tread surface. Read the durometerscale within 1 s after presser foot is in contact with the tiretread,but after initial maximum transient which may occurimmediately after contact is made.Tires are to be inflated and measured prior to shipment.Upon request,the manufacturer shall furnish the purchasercertification that the test tire meets this specification.All tires under certification shall be subject to manufacturer’s normal variation.The tire is for skid testing only and is not designed forgeneral highway service. Necessary transporting of test equipment should be on commercial tires.A new tire break in of 200 miles (320 km) min shouldbe made on tires by the purchaser before using the tire fortesting.The tire shall be operated with not less than 24 psi(165 kPa) inflation.The recommended static test load on the tire shall be1085 lbf (4826 N),with loading to a maximum of 1380 lbf(6138 N) permissible, at 24 psi (165 kPa) inflation.When irregular wear or damage results from tests orwhen the tire is worn to the wear line, the use of the tire as astandard test tire shall be discontinued.Caution-Measured friction force and skid number(SN) may be influenced by tire tread hardness. The magnitudeof this dependence is a function of the water depth, pavementcharacteristics, test speed, and tire aging effects.A small raised guideline shall be molded on the tireshoulder area to provide a rapid visual check as to whether themaximum wear level for testing has been reached. Tires shouldactually be removed from service as recommended in 11.5.Themarking on the tire, as suggested in Fig.1,and curb ribs shallbe molded on both sides of the tire.ASTM E524 pdf download.

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