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ASTM D8069-17 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Determining Flexural Modulus of Full Section PultrudedFiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)Composite Members withDoubly Symmetric Cross Sections under Bending.
Arrange the loading fixture for athreepoint bend test,and place specimen in the testingapparatus accordingly.
Place the specimen into the test fixture.Align the fixture and specimen so thatthe longitudinal axis of the specimen is perpendicular (within10) to the longitudinal axis of the loading nose, and the loadingnose is parallel (within 1 ) to the plane of the top face of thespecimen.Apply force at the midspan of the specimenfor three-point bending (Section 6) at the rate calculated in 11.4while recording data. Even though continuous recording isrecommended,discrete recording of load-displacement datashall be permitted.Values for Flexural Modulus shall not be calculated forany sample which becomes damaged prior to or during testing.Do not exceed applied theoretical equivalent to 20 % of theassumed ultimate stress in accordance with 11.10.
If more than 50 % of the samples are damaged in asample population, the test fixture shall be re-examined and/orthe estimated 20 % failure load in accordance with 11.10 shallbe re-established. The precision of this test method is based on anintralaboratory study of ASTM D8069 conducted in 2016.Asingle laboratory participated in this study,testing sevendifferent tube configurations. Every“test resultrepresents anindividual determination. The laboratory reported duplicatetest results for each material.Except for the use of only onelaboratory,Practice E691 was followed for the design andanalysis of the data; the details are given in ASTM ResearchReport No.D20-1268.The difference between repetitiveresults obtained by the same operator in a given laboratoryapplying the same test method with the same apparatus underconstant operating conditions on identical test material withinshort intervals of time would in the long run, in the normal andcorrect operation of the test method,exceed the followingvalues only in one case in 20. Repeatability can be interpreted as maximum difference between two results,obtained under repeatabilityconditions, that is accepted as plausible due to random causesunder normal and correct operation of the test method.Repeatability limits are listed in Tables 1 and Reproducibility (R)—The difference between twosingle and independent results obtained by different operators applying the same test method in different laboratories usingdifferent apparatus on identical test material would, in the longrun,in the normal and correct operation of the test method,exceed the following values only in one case in 20.ASTM D8069 pdf download.

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