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ASTM D8067-17 pdf free.Standard Test Method for ln-Plane Shear Properties of Sandwich Panels Using aPicture Frame Fixture.
The specimen sampling method, specimen geometry,and conditioning travelers (if required).
The procedure and doubler configuration.The doubler material, layup, thickness, and adhesive. The properties and data reporting format desired,including strain measurement and LVDT requirements.The pretest environmental conditioning test parameters.The nominal thicknesses of the face sheet materials.Determine specific material property,accuracy,and datareporting requirements prior to test for proper selection of instrumentationand data recording equipment. Estimate the specimen strength to aid intransducer selection,calibration of equipment,and determination ofequipment settings.
Report any deviations from this test method, whetherintentional or inadvertent.Before specimen conditioning and testing,measureand record the specimen thickness at three places in the testsection. Measure the specimen thickness with an accuracy of 25 um[0.001 in.]. Record the dimensions to three significant figures in units of millimeters [inches].
Condition the specimens as required. Store the speci-mens in the conditioned environment until test time, if the testenvironment is different than the conditioning environment.Set the speed of testing so as toproduce failure within 3 to 6 min. If the ultimate strength of thematerial cannot be reasonably estimated, initial trials should beconducted using standard speeds until the ultimate strength ofthe material and the compliance of the system are known, andspeed of testing can be adjusted.A suggested rate of crosshead movement is 25 mm perminute (1.0 in. per minute).If possible, test the specimen underthe same fluid exposure level used for conditioning. However,cases such as elevated temperature testing of a moist specimenplace unrealistic requirements on the capabilities of commontesting machine environmental chambers. In such cases,themechanical test environment may need to be modified,forexample, by testing at elevated temperature with no fluidexposure control, but with a specified limit on time to failurefrom withdrawal from the conditioning chamber. Record anymodifications to the test environment.ASTM D8067 pdf download.

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