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ASTM D7158-17 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Wind Resistance of Asphalt Shingles (Uplift Force/Uplift Resistance Method).
The distance measured from the centerline of thesealant stripe pattern of the affixed shingle to the windwardedge of the shingle directly above as installed on the roof. Forshingle designs with two (or more) parallel stripes of sealant,the distance is measured from the centerline of the second(from the windward) stripe of sealant of the affixed shingle tothe windward edge of the shingle directly above as installed onthe roof.
The distance from centerline to centerline of thetwo most windward sealant stripes for those shingle designsthat include two (or more) parallel stripes of sealant.
8Shingle Mechanical Uplift Resistance—Prepare the ap-paratus of Test Method D6381/D6381M to perform procedureA or B as dictated by the results of the wind uplift coefficientmeasurements and the shingle geometry (see 12.2).Sampling, Test Specimens,and ‘Test Units9.1 Shingle Uplift Rigidity:
Ten representative samples for test shall be selectedusing the sample selection procedures in Test Methods D228/D228M. Specimens shall be cut from the windward edge of therepresentative shingle samples.
The test specimens shall be 95 by 102 mm [33/4 by 4in.] with one of the 95 mm sides being representative of thewindward edge (lower exposed edge) of the shingle.Shingle Wind Uplift Coefficient:Prepare the test decks for determination of the winduplift coefficient in accordance with Test Method D3161/D3161M except as described below. Four decks are requiredfor each shingle being evaluated.Install pressure taps as directed in 8.2.2 before thedeck is sealed.Install shims as directed in 11.2.4 after the deck issealed, and after testing in the un-shimmed condition, in 11.2.2.
The conditioned shingle specimen, weather-side up,is inserted in the Test Method D6381/D6381M fixture (see Fig.1 ) over the shim, with the specimen’s leading edge overhang-ing the shim near the centerline of the device and with its sideedges flush with both the shim and the fixture.This overhangprovides space for the bottom portion of the pendant clamp tobe inserted without lifting the specimen. Specimens withsealant on their lower surface shall have the sealant covered byrelease paper or film to prevent sticking to the fixture or shim.Specimens shall be tested by clamping them (see Fig.1 ) and measuring the distance,1test, from their leading edge (thewindward edge) to the front edge of the clamp. A load is thenuniformly applied to lift the free, unclamped, leading edge, andthe load required to deflect the shingle by specified amounts ismeasured.ASTM D7158 pdf download.

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