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ASTM D727-96 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Kerosine Number of Roofing and Flooring Felt by theVacuum Method.
Place a set of strips in the tared weighing container andexpose them, uncovered, for at least 1 but not more than 2 h inan oven, the interior of which is maintained at a temperature of105 3°C.Keep the felt strips flat; do not fold, roll, or distortthem in any way. Handle the six strips as a unit in all thefollowing operations:Remove the strips in the weighing container from theoven and place them, with the container still uncovered, in adesiccator to cool.After cooling,rapidly close the container and weigh itwith enclosed strips to the nearest 10 mg to obtain the netweight of the dry strips. Insert a wire hook in one corner of the strips andimmerse them at once in a vertical position in 1000 mL ofkerosine at 25  1C in the glass vacuum vessel. Apply avacuum of at least 700 mm Hg to the vessel containing thestrips and hold it under these conditions for 15 min,or for 5min after the bubbles cease to come from the felt strips,whichever period is the longer. Remove the felt strips from thekerosine and let them drain in the machine direction of the feltfor 3 min (1 s), allowing the lower corner of each strip totouch the edge of the kerosine container.Return the soaked strips to their weighing container,close the container, and determine the combined weight of thestrips and the absorbed kerosine.6 (Warning-Care should be exercised in the use of kerosine because it is flammable.Thematerial and its vapors should not be exposed to open flame orelectrical spark.)The kerosine number of a felt as calculated aboveassumes that the specific gravity is equal to the density ofkerosine at the temperature of the testing (25°C). In somecases,it is desirable to estimate the quantity of a specificbituminous saturant (rather than kerosine) a specific felt willabsorb. In such cases,the specific gravity of the bituminoussaturant may be determined using a suitable test method suchas Test Method D 70, and that value inserted a “d” in Eq1.
Report as kerosine number the average of two deter-minations, to three significant figures.ASTM D727 pdf download.

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