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ASTM D726-94 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Resistance of Nonporous Paper to Passage of Air.
Test not less than 10 conditioned specimens in thestandard atmosphere prescribed in Practice D 685, making anequal number of tests on each side of the sample.With the stopcock and orifice open and the leveling bulbin the upper support, raise the ring clamp and centrally place asmooth,uncreased test specimen over the clamping plateorifice.Then lower the clamp. Be sure the semispherical ringclamp moves freely and that no liquid gets into the apparatusabove the stopcock.Close the stopcock and place the levelingbulb in the lower support. Open the stopcock and start astopwatch simultaneously. At the end of 15 s,close thestopcock and read the level of the water in the buret to 0.1 mL.The report shall include the average,maximum,andminimum values obtained for the ten test specimens used, withthe values reported as millilitres for 15 s.Based on limited information fromone laboratory,the repeatability standard deviation and the95 % repeatability limits for the procedure in this test methodare approximately 1.2 mL and 3.3 mL, respectively.
The reproducibility of the proce-dure in this test method has not been measured.It is not practicable to specify the precision of theprocedure in this test method more extensively than that in10.1.The test instrument required is no longer manufacturedand few are known to be in active use. Because the procedurecontinues to be in limited use for specification of specialtygrades of paper, and is not found in the published test methodsof other standards writing organizations, it is provided here asa service to those using it. For specific situations where more extensive precision estimates are required,they must bedeveloped by those owning and using required equipment.No statement is made about the bias of theprocedure in this test method, as the value for resistance topassage of air as measured here is defined only in terms of thetesting apparatus and conditions specified.ASTM D726 pdf download.

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