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ASTM D628-95 pdf free.Standard Specification forAsbestos Tubular Sleeving.
Hazards—-When cutting or handling asbestos tubing,avoid creating dust or wear a respiratory protector. Frequentprolonged respiration of excessive concentrations of airborneasbestos may cause serious bodily harm.
General Procedure——Determine the inside diam-eter of sleeving by the use of a mandrel of the specifieddiameter, as described in 13.3.1.Slip the test specimen over therounded end of the mandrel for a distance of approximately300 mm (1 ft). If the sleeving is of proper size, the specimenshall fit smoothly and snugly and shall show no unduedisturbance of the construction due to forcing the specimenonto the mandrel.The procedure described in may beused as an optional method for sleeving over 75 mm (3 in.) ininside diameter.
Make three measurements on each specimen andrecord the average of the nine thickness measurements.
The optional procedure described in maybe used for sleeving over 75 mm (3 in.) inside diameter. Optional Procedure for Sleeving over 75 mm (3 in.)For testing sleeving having an inside diam-eter over 75 mm (3 in.), slit the test specimens and measure thethickness of the sleeving as directed in Method D 1777,usinga gage as described in 13.3.4.Make three thickness measure-ments on each specimen. Record the average of the ninethickness measurements.Cut a specimen not less than 600 mm(2 ft) long from each sample taken for test. Measure the lengthof the specimen to the nearest 1 mm (/6 in.), using the steeltape or rigid rule. Make sure the specimen is free of tension,wrinkles, and folds. Weigh the specimen to the nearest 1 g (0.1oz).Use the average length and mass to calculate the averagemass per unit length kg/100 m (1lb/100 ft).
Braided Sleeving- Determine the number of picksor crossovers of the yarn per unit of length by laying thesleeving on a flat surface and counting the crossovers of thesingle or multiple end yarns over a 75-mm (3-in.) length at fivedifferent places along the specimen.Woven Sleeving—Determine the fabric count ofthe woven sleeving as directed in Test Method D 3775.

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