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ASTM B26/B26M-18 pdf free.Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy Sand Casting.
Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchaseorder, the producer shall be responsible for the performance ofall inspections and test requirements specified herein. Unlessdisapproved by the purchaser, the producer may use his own orany other suitable facilities for the performance of the inspec-tion and test requirements specified herein. The purchaser shallhave the right to perform any of the inspections and tests setforth in this specification where such inspections are deemednecessary to confirm that the material conforms to prescribedrequirements.
The responsibility of furnishing castings that can be laidout and machined to the finished dimensions within thepermissible variations specified, as shown on the blueprints ordrawings,shall rest with the producer,except where patternequipment is furnished by the purchaser.
The Product shall conform to the chemical compositionlimits prescribed in Table 1.Conformance shall be determinedby the producer by taking samples at the time castings arepoured in accordance with Practice E716 and analyzed inaccordance with Test Methods E607,E1251,or E34,orEN 14242.If the producer has determined the composition of the material during casting, they shall not be required to sampleand analyze the finished product.
When specified, the tensile strength, yield strength, andelongation values of specimens cut from castings shall be notless than 75 % of the tensile and yield strength values and notless than 25 % of the elongation values specified in Table 2[ Table 4]. The measurement of the elongation is not requiredfor test specimens cut from castings if 25 % of the specifiedminimum elongation value published in Table 2 [Table 4] is 0.5% or less. If grade D quality castings as described in Table 3are specified,no tensile tests shall be specified nor tensilerequirements be met on specimens cut from castings.
The finished castings shall be uniform in compositionand free of blowholes,cracks,shrinks,and other discontinuities except as designated and agreed upon as acceptable by thepurchaser.
Unless otherwise agreed upon between the purchaserand producer, a minimum of two tension test specimens shallbe separately cast and tested to represent the following: Not more than 4000 1b [2000 kg] of clean castings(gates and risers removed) or a single casting poured from onefurnace.ASTM B26 pdf download.

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