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ASTM D629-99 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Quantitative Analysis of Textiles.
Select the specimen carefully to include all the yarnsin a complete repeat of the pattern.
Place the entire specimen in a weighing containerpreweighed to the nearest 0.001 g.
Place the weighing container and specimen in anoven at 105 to 110°C for 1.5 h.
Remove the weighing container and specimen fromthe oven and transfer them to a desiccator. When the containerhas cooled to room temperature, weigh the container and thespecimen to the nearest 0.001 g. Subtract the mass of the emptycontainer from this mass to obtain the ovendry mass of thespecimen, mass B.Separate the component yarns and place each of thefiber types into separate preweighed weighing containers.10.5.6 Place the weighing containers with specimens in anoven for 1.5 h at 105 to 110°c.Remove the weighing container and specimen fromthe oven and transfer to a desiccator. Allow the container tocool to room temperature and then weigh the containers andspecimens to the nearest 0.001 g.Subtract the mass of theempty containers from these masses to obtain the ovendrymass of the specimen.Report the individual and the average values ofpercent of each fiber type, based on dry sample.
Precision——An interlaboratory study has been orga-nized. The analysis data will be completed within the year 1999and the precision statement will be balloted for inclusion in thetest method by the end of the year 2000.The procedure in Test Methods D 629 formeasuring the fiber content of textiles by mechanical separa-tion or dissection has no known bias because the values of fibercontent of textiles by mechanical separation or dissection canbe defined only in terms of a test method.A diagrammatic arrangement of binary mixtures offibers and appropriate methods of analysis are shown in Table1.Each analytical method is identified by a number and, wherepossible, two methods of analysis are provided for each binarymixture of fibers. The number or numbers inside parenthesesrefers to the method that dissolves the fiber shown at the top ofthe diagram.The number or numbers outside the parentheses
indicates the method that dissolves the fiber listed at the leftside of the diagram. Where two methods are listed for a specificbinary mixture, the nonsubscript method number represents themethod of choice.An indication of the solubilities of various textile fibers in the solvents specified in the chemical methods of separationherein described is given in Table These solubilities may beused as a guide in selecting appropriate methods for analyzingmixtures that contain more than two types of fibers.In these methods of analysis, provision is made forexpressing fiber composition either on the oven-dry mass ofclean fiber after the removal of nonfibrous materials or on themoisture regain basis.ASTM D629 pdf download.

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