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ASTM D600-90 pdf free.Standard Specification forLiquid Paint Driers.
1.1 This specification covers liquids for use in paints,varnishes,enamels,and similar organic coatings and aresolutions of metallic salts of:1.1.1 Class A——2-Ethyl hexanoic acids in petroleum spirits.1.1.2 Class B—Naphthenic acids in petroleum spirits.1.1.3 Class C—Neodecanoic acids in petroleum spirits.1.1.4 Class D—Tall oil fatty acids in petroleum spirits.1.1.5 Class E——Any of the above acids or acid blends, butcontaining additives that make the liquid drier water dispers-ible.Some other driers may also contain complexing agents.1.1.6 Class F—Other acids and acid blends unidentified bytheir producers.
1.2 For specific hazard information and guidance,see thesupplier’s Material Safety Data Sheets for materials listed inthis specification.
2. Referenced Documents2.1 ASTM Standards:D564 Test Methods for Liquid Paint Driers2.D 1544 Test Method for Color of Transparent Liquids(Gardner Color Scale)2.D 1545Test Method for Viscosity of Transparent Liquidsby Bubble Time Method3
PPP-C-2020 Chemicals,Liquid, Dry, and Paste: Packagingof4
3.Chemical and Physical Requirements:Quantitative Requirements—The drier shall conform tothe quantitative requirements as specified in Table 1 formetallic content,color, and viscosity.Each type of drier shall be amobile liquid free of sediment and suspended matter and shallbe stable and miscible with oil as listed in Test Methods D 564.4.Significance and Use
ASTM D600 pdf download.This specification covers the general requirements forliquid paint driers used in paints,varnishes,enamels,andsimilar organic coatings. The values listed should be considered as general guidesto the character of the products,rather than reproducibleconstants.
4.1The properties enumerated in this specification shall bedetermined in accordance with Test Methods D 564, except asotherwise provided in this specification.
5.Packaging and Package Marking:6.1 Package size shall be agreed upon between the pur-chaser and the supplier.6.2 Packaging shall conform to applicable carrier rules andregulations or when specified shall conform to Fed. Spec.PPP-C-2020.ASTM D600 pdf download.

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