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ASTM D596-01 pdf free.Standard Guide for Reporting Results of Analysis of Water.
In addition to the cation balance,other types ofanalytical data can be used to test for logical consistency.Thesekinds of tests have the general form of testing for the wholebeing equal to or less than the sum of its parts.These tests canbe done within analysis,between analyses,and betweensamples.Some examples are: ( l ) total solids and total volatilesolids are often done as one analysis.Total solids should belarger than or equal to the volatile component; (2) the ammonianitrogen should always be equal to or less than Kjeldahlnitrogen,and (3) in specific treatment processes,the inputsample results should always be equal to or greater than theresult on the output sample.Many comparisons similar to those listed in be made to ensure that data are logically consistent.9.5 Where there is sufficient historical data or the expectedanalytical concentrations are supplied by the client, a reason-ableness test of the analysis should be done during the reviewprocess.The analysis and the reviewer should determine if theresults are close to the expected value.If the data are not withinreasonable limits,the analytical method and calculationsshould be reviewed for deviations or anomalies.Contact withthe customer should take place if no errors are found in thelaboratory process.
A quality assurance narrative should be used to explainany discrepancies in the data or unusual conditions thatresulted in data of questionable quality (that is, matrix inter-ferences, elevated detection limits, and so forth).
The report should include the signature and title of theindividual who verified the reported data before their releaseand verified that these results met the customer’s data qualityspecifications.It is possible,when the analysis is at the detectionlimit,to have negative values when the blank is subtractedfrom the sample. If the constituent of interest is not present,one would expect negative results to occur as often as positivein the case of blank subtraction. Negative results are alsopossible when background data are subtracted from the sampledata.ASTM D596 pdf download.

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