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ASTM D519-04 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Length of Fiber in Wool Top.
As a lot sample for acceptance testing,take four lot sampling units (bales or cartons) for each 20 000lb (9000 kg) or fraction thereof.Laboratory Sample-As a laboratory sample for accep-tance testing, draw one section of sliver from the balled top, atleast 1 yd (1 m) in length from each lot sample unit. Material should be taken from the outside of the balled top. Wind thesamples by hand onto cardboard cylinders under a tensIon ofapproximately 4.9 N and with a twist of approximately fiveturns per metre. These conditions can be produced conveniently as follows: Clamp a 0.45-kg mass onto one end of thesliver while holding the other end of the sliver in one hand,insert five turns of twist. Wind the sliver onto the cardboardcylinder while maintaining the tension and twist.Use each laboratory sample unit (a sectionof sliver from each lot sample unit) as a separate specimen fora complete test or combine the four laboratory sample units toform a single specimen, if appropriate.
Bring the laboratory sample,still on the cardboardcylinders,from the prevailing atmosphere to moisture equilib-rium in the standard atmosphere for testing textiles.Determine that moisture equilibrium for testing has beenreached as directed in Practice D 1776.
Test the conditioned specimens in the standard atmo-sphere for testing textiles.
Place the sorter so that the tops of the faller bars arelevel with the operator’s hand and forearm when bent at theelbow in a horizontal position.Face the stapling apparatus ( l,Fig. 1) with side comb (3,Fig. 1) extended and locked at theright side of the sorter as viewed by the operator. Lift andsecure the faller bars (2,Fig. 1) in a horizontal position.
Place the fibers held in the clamp on the left bank of pinsin the following manner: Starting at the back,pull the tuft offibers forward, across the top of the needles. Depress the fiberslightly with the hand to the needle points as the fibers held bythe clamp are drawn forward, the intent being to straighten butnot stretch the fibers.Release the fibers when the nose of the clamp is exactlyin line with the needle points of the front faller bar. Thelocation at which the fibers are released is important. If therelease point is not correct, carefully remove and discard theincorrect fiber group and make a replacement draw of fibers.9.9 Press the released fibers down slowly between the pinswith the depressor held level.
By means of the drawing clamp,repeatedly removeand discard the projecting fibers from the overhanging sliverspecimen until the edge is again even.ASTM D519 pdf download.

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