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ASTM D517-98 pdf free.Standard Specification for Asphalt Plank.You can click here to download.
This test method covers the determination ofwater absorption of asphalt plank.
The ability of the plank towithstand significant water absorption is a measure of itsporosity and therefore its ability to withstand freezing andthawing conditions.It is a measure of its density.A specimen 50.8 by 152.4 mm (2 by 6in.) shall be cut from the asphalt plank in such a manner that alledges are freshly cut. The mass of the specimen shall beaccurately determined to the nearest 0.10 g, immersed in waterfor 24 h,removed,and the surface water wiped off with aslightly dampened cloth. The mass of the specimen shall thenbe determined to the nearest 0.10 g and the percent absorptiondetermined. The time elapsing between the removal of thespecimen from the bath and its weighing shall not exceed 1min.This test method covers the determination ofbrittleness of asphalt plank.This test measures the abilityof the plank to function in cold temperatures without detrimental cracking.
Two 152.4 by 152.4 mm (6 by 6 in.)specimens shall be cut from each of the three sample planksselected in accordance with Section 8.Five of those specimensshall be tested as follows: The specimens shall be conditionedand maintained at a temperature of 0°C (32°F) for not less than3 h,and then tested immediately. A 0.9-kg (2-lb) weight xtend miore than 3-.tlindrialoin Hail- Bas possible.
This test method covers the measurement ofdimensions to determine if the sample complies with the planor specification requirements.
This test method will ensurethat the finished product in place will afford an even,uniformbearing surface for subsequent construction.
Plank from each lot shall be examined forappearance,straightness of edges, and squareness of corners,and measured for width and length to an accuracy required inSection 6. They shall also be calipered at four scattered pointseach,with a micrometer having flat bearing surfaces at bothcontact points of not less than 6.4 mm (1/4 in.) in diameter. Theaverage of the readings shall be considered the thickness of theplank.
Scope -This test method covers the determination ofhardness of asphalt plank.
This test method measures theability of the asphalt plank to withstand serviceable loads andto ensure that the grade of asphalt used is proper to serve underwarm temperature without excessive deformation.ASTM D517 pdf download.

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