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ASTM C695-15 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Carbon and Graphite.
Carbon and graphite can usually support higher loads incompression than in any other mode of stress. This test,therefore,provides a measure of the maximum load-bearingcapability of carbon and graphite objects.
Test Machine,conforming to Practice E4 and to therequirements for speed of testing prescribed in Section 8 of thistest method.
Spherical Bearing Blocks attached to the upper or lowerhead of the machine in such a manner that the sphericalsurfaces are in full contact when not loaded.The center ofcurvative of the spherical surface shall lie on the surface thatcontacts the specimen and on the machine axis. The sphericalsurfaces shall be well-lubricated.The radius of the sphericalsurface shall be equal to or greater than the radius of the testspecimen.
Steel Contact Blocks may be used above or below thespecimen, or both, to protect fixture and test machine surfacesfrom damage, as illustrated in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.Contact blocksurfaces shall be plane and parallel to within 0.0005 in./in.(0.0005 mm/mm).
All load-bearing machine and fixture surfaces shall havea minimum hardness of 45 HRC and surface finish of 16 uin.(0.4 um) rms maximum. Surfaces in contact with the specimenshall be flat to less than 0.0005 in./in. (0.0005 mm/mm).5.5 Examples of arrangements of the load train are shownschematically in Fig. 1 and Fig.2.Samples may be taken from locations and orientationsthat satisfy the objectives of the test.
Center the specimen in the machine between the contactsurfaces.The deviation of the specimen axis from the machineaxis shall be less than 5 % of the specimen diameter. Centeringcan be assisted by appropriate circles marked on the contactsurfaces.
Place an appropriate guard around the specimen todeflect flying fragments at failure.8.3 Apply the load continuously,at a constant rate ofcrosshead or platen movement,and without shock until ulti-mate failure.Choose the rate of movement so that averagerupture time is greater than 30 s.If the test machine is equipped with a load or strainpacing device, a constant load or strain rate may be used.ASTM C695 pdf download.

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