ASTM D1199-86 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D1199-86 (2020) pdf free.Standard Specification for Calcium Carbonate Pigments.
Particle size methods for Grade V that are applicableinclude transmission electron microscopy,scanning electronmicroscopy, and the Sedigraph. Specific Surface Diameter canbe determined by BET nitrogen absorption. The method ofmeasurement produces different values, therefore, the methodof measurement shall be agreed upon by the purchaser and theseller.
This grade is an ultrafineprecipitated calcium carbonate and is characterized by majoramounts less than 2 um and a median particle diameterdetermined by electron microscopy in the range of 0.05 um. Particle size methods for Grade Vl that are applicable include transmission electron microscopy and scanningelectron microscopy.The Sedigraph will give weight medianparticle size values approximately 10 times greater (~0.5 um)than by microscopy.Since the method of measurement produces different values,the method of measurement shall beagreed upon by the purchaser and the seller.
When closer control within a grade is required, thefineness requirements shall be as agreed upon by the purchaserand the seller.
The dry brightnessor dispersed color shall be equal,within agreed upontolerances,to that of a reference sample agreed upon by thepurchaser and the seller.Oil absorption values shall be asagreed upon by the purchaser and the seller.
Two samples,each more than 1 lb (0.45 kg) shall betaken at random from different packages from each lot, batch,day’s pack, or other unit of production in a shipment. When nomarkings distinguishing between units of production appear,samples shall be taken from different packages in the ratio oftwo samples for each 5000 kg (10 000 lb),except that forshipments of less than 10 000 lb two samples shall be taken. Atthe option of the purchaser,the samples may be testedseparately,or after blending, in equal quantities, the samplesfrom the same production unit forming a composite sample.Before testing, each of the samples shall be split, and one halfof each may be sealed for referee testing.
Tests shall be conducted in accordance with the following ASTM test methods. Test procedures not covered by ASTMtest methods shall be agreed upon by the purchaser and theseller.ASTM D1199 pdf download.

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