ASTM D6732-04 (2020) pdf free

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ASTM D6732-04 (2020) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Determination of Copper in Jet Fuels by Graphite FurnaceAtomic Absorption Spectrometry.
When an autosampler is used with the graphite furnace,use odorless kerosine as the rinse solution. Use only autosampler cups made of polyethylene,polypropylene,or TFE-fluorocarbon. Do not use polystyrene cups as these degrade andleak when used with organic solvents.
Calibrate the instrument by pipetting a 10 uL aliquot ofodorless kerosine as a blank and then 10 uL of each of thestandards onto the platform in the graphite tube.Then pipette10 uL of each sample into the furnace and carry each throughthe furnace program. Run each blank,standard,and samplethrough the furnace program listed in Table 1.Compare theintegrated absorbance of each sample to the corrected calibration curve generated from the blank and standards to determinethe copper concentration of each. Run each sample in duplicate.
Confirm the performance of the instrument or the testprocedure by analyzing a quality control (QC) sample.
Prior to monitoring the measurement process, the userof the test method needs to determine the average value andcontrol limits of the QC sample. See Practice D6299 and MNL7.5.Record the QC results and analyze by control charts orother statistically equivalent techniques to ascertain the statis-tical control status of the total testing process. See PracticeD6299 and MNL 7.Any out-of-control data should triggerinvestigation for root cause(s).The results of this investigationmay, but not necessarily,result in instrument re-calibration.
In the absence of explicit requirements given in thetest method, the frequency of QC testing is dependent on thecriticality of the quality being measured,the demonstratedstability of the testing process,and customer requirements.Generally,a QC sample is analyzed each testing day withroutine samples.The QC frequency should be increased if alarge number of samples are routinely analyzed. However,when it is demonstrated that the testing is under statisticalcontrol, the QC testing frequency may be reduced.The Qcsample precision should be checked against the ASTM testmethod precision to ensure data quality.ASTM D6732 pdf download.

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