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ASTM B840-15,Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc Cobalt Alloy Deposits.Now you can download it.
ASTM B840-15 covers the requirements for electrodeposited zinc cobalt alloy coatings on metals. The coating class is Class 1 and five coating types are Type a, Type b, Type c, Type d, and Type e. The metal to be plated shall be subjected to such cleaning, pickling, and electroplating procedures. Coating requirements include: substrate, nature of coating, appearance, thickness, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and pre- and post-coating treatments of iron and steel for reducing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. Adhesion, porosity, corrosion resistance, or appearance tests shall be made.
3. Terminology
3.1 Definitions-Many terms used in this specification are defined in Terminology B374.
3. 2 Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard:
3.2.1 significant surface, n-that portion of a coated arti cles surface where the coating is required to meet all the requirements of the coating specification for that article Significant surfaces are usually those that are essential to the serviceability or function of the article or can be a source of corrosion products or tarnish films that interfere with the function or desirable appearance of the article. Significant surfaces are those surfaces that are identified by the purchaser by, for example, indicating them on an engineering drawing of the product or marking a sample item of the product.
4. Classification
4. I There is one coating class, and it is defined as Class 1-a zinc cobalt alloy that is approximately 99% by mass zinc and at minimum 0.5% by mass cobalt.
4.2 There are five coating types and they are defined as follows:
4.2.1 Type A-With colorless(blue bright) chromate con ersion coatings.
4.2.2 Type B-With yellow chromate conversion coating.
4.2.3 Type C-With bronze chromate conversion coating.
4.2.4 Type D-With black chromate conversion coatin.
4.2.5 Type E-Any of the above types plus organic topcoat.

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