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ASTM A943/ A943M-01 free download.Standard Specification for Spray-Formed Seamless Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes.
3. TerMinology
3.1 For definitions of terms used in this specification, refer to Terminology A 941.
3.2 Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard:
3.2. 1 sp7ayformed-denotes the fablication of different shapes of a
metallic material by deposition of a speay, consisting of droplets, solid particles, and particles
partially solid, onto a moving substrate.
3. 2.1. 1 Discussio7-The spray is produced by gas atomiza- tion of the liquid metal or alloy. On impingement with the substrate, the species of the spray consolidate and solidify
completely to produce a product that is essentially fiee of porosity. The metallurgical characteristics of the spray-formed product are controlled primarily by the thermal condition of the spray, and that of the surface of the metallic deposit formed on the substrate.
General Requirements
5.1 Material furnished under this specification shall conform to the applicable requirements of the current edition of Specification A 999/A 999M unless otherwise provided herein.
6. Materials and Manufactunre
6.1 Melting-The steel shall be made by the electric-furnace process or by other similar processes. The primary melting may incorporate separate degassing or refining and may be followed by secondary melting, using electroslag remelting or vacuum-arc remelting. If secondary melting is employed,the heat shall be defined as all of the ingots remelted from a single primary heat.

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