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ASTM B942-10(2015),Standard Guide for Specification and Quality Assurance for the Electrical Contact Performance of Crimped Wire Terminations.
ASTM B942-10(2015) contains practices for specifying and evaluating the electrical contact performance of crimped-type terminations with solid or stranded conductors.
3. Terminology
3.1 Many terms related to electrical contacts used in this guide are defined in Terminology B542.
3.2 Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard.
3.2.1 comnection resistance. n-the electrical resistance at- tributable to a wire termination over and above that of an identical solid metallic structure without pressure contact interfaces. For crimped terminations that are the subject of this guide, the connection resistance results from the resistance of a multitude of contact regions having both film and constriction resistance, plus, where stranded wire is involved, an additional amount due to unequal current distribution among the wire strands at the termination.
3.2.2 crimp, vto establish an electrical and mechanical
attachment between the two members by mechanically deform- ing one contact member around another. In most cases. one member is a stranded or solid wire, or a group of wires, the other is a hollow cylinder or partial cylinder that is deformed around the wire(S).
3.2.4 crimped termination, n-a mechanical and electrical connection between a conductor, generally a wire, and a component, typically a terminal specifically made for the purpose. The crimped termination is made by compressing (crimping)the component (crimp barrel)or tab(s)of the component around the conductor using a tool specificall designed for the purpose.
3.2.5 crimp terminal, n-a metal component designed to be electrically and mechanically attached to a wire by deformin a portion of the component in a crimping operation to form an attachment to the wire. The other end of the terminal usuall has a ring, fork, spade, tab, or related configuration designed to attach to another circuit element. Some crimp terminals termi- nate multiple wires within the same crimp barrel.

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